Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 3: 05 Feb, 1980
General Articles
Quality in science
p. 0087 | Sengupta, Trishna

Metal-sulphur, metal-nitrogen and metal-oxygen bonded coordination compounds of Titanium (IV) and Zirconium (IV) with sulphur donor ketamines and aldimines
p. 0089 |    Sharma, R. K; Singh, R. V; Tandon, J. P.

General Articles
Low temparature acclimative studies on Philosamia ricini larvae
p. 0091 | Pant, Radha; Gupta, Dwijendra K

Effect of prostaglandin E2 administration on the male reproductive system a biochemical and cytomorphological study
p. 0094 | Dev, N. K; Mangat, H. K

Electrophoretic and immunological evidence on protein degradation during seed maturation in Tephrosia (L) Pers. (Fabaceae)
p. 0097 |    Rao,, C. K.

Letters to the Editor
Synthesis of bromo substituted isoxazolo (6,7-d)-1,2-Benzisoxazoles
p. 0100 | Thakur, K. A; Dumir, A. B; Bhawal, B. M

Synthesis of poly-p-xylylidene
p. 0102 | Rajaraman, Lalitha; Balasubramanian, M; Nanjan, M. J

Presence of two forms of beta-glucosidase in the culture filtrate of macrophomina phaseolina
p. 0102 |   Saha, Sagar C; Sanyal, Arunik; Dube, Syamalima; Dube, Dipak K

Auxin autotropic callus tissues in Nigella sativa
p. 0105 | Chad, Suresh ; Roy, Satyesh Chandra

Chemically induced cariants in black gram- Phaseolus Mungo L
p. 0106 | Bandyopadhya,, Bandana; Bose, S

A Bifurcated seedling of Carthamus tinctorius Linn.
p. 0107 | Goual, Suresh C; Pillai, Ambuja

Leaf architecture in Lygodium Japonicum (thumb) and anemia schimperiana Pro
p. 0108 | Schimperiana, Anemia; Lal, S. D;  Bhambie, S

Effect of gamma radiation in the submerged organ of salvinia Auriculata Aublet
p. 0110 | Trivedi, B. S; Bajpai, O. S.

Adaptation of sclerotium rolfsh to polyoxin-d
p. 0112 | Sullia, S. B; Maria, Rose

Conidial production in Helminthosporium Gramineum Rabh. in culture
p. 0114 | Pillai, Prasanna Kumari; Lal, S. P; Suryanarayana, D

A note on the occurrence of Trichothecium Roseum Link. on Dolichos lab-lab L. in India
p. 0114 | Siddaramaiah, A. L; Desai, S. A; Bhat, R. P; Hegde, R. K

Effect of different treatments on the dormancy of Sclerotia of Claviceps Oryzae-sativae
p. 0115 | Singh, R. A; Dubey, K. S.

Chemical components of Eucalptus Citriodora Leaves
p. 0116 | Dayal, Rameshwar

A new chromosome count in Zebrina Schnitz
p. 0117 | Bai, K. Lalithambika; Kuriachan, P. I.

Influence of natural and synthetic insecticides on nitrogen fixation (C2H2 reduction) in the rice rhizosphere
p. 0118 | Nayak, D. N; Pasalu, I. C; Rao, V. Rajaramamohan

The chromosomal location of a major gene for semi-dwarfism in the wheat variety Kalyansona
p. 0119 | Rao, M. V. Prabhakara

Infloresence mutant in Barley
p. 0120 | Singh, Dalvir; Behl, R. K; Dhindsa, Kuldip Singh; Sareen, P. K.

Aspergillus Clavatus Desm. Mut. albino Raper and Fennell-A new record from India
p. 0122 | Varshney, J. L; Sarbhoy, A. K.

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