Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 6: 20 Mar, 1980
General Articles
Modified cosmological term & its significance
p. 0206 | Johri, V. B

Studies on pyridine aldoximes
p. 0213 | Joshi, H. C; Ramachandran, P. K; Haksar, C. N

Synthesis of heterocycles via lactones
p. 0216 | Pandey, Ganesh .D; Tiwary, Kamla P.

Relief by γ-irradiation of lysine inhibited diaminopimelate synthesis in an Escherichia coli auxotroph
p. 0219 | Goel, A.K; HAll, A.N

Effects of localized muscular exercise & training on the renal protein metabolism
p. 0221 | Reddanna, P; Moorthy, C. V. Narasimha; Govindappa, S

Letters to the Editor
On air induced by hovering insects
p. 0224 | Krishna, G. Gopala; Shankar, B. Krishna; Ahmed, Adeel

Characterisation of the epimeric 3 alpha-and 3beta-friedelan-28-and 25-diols
p. 0226 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R; Rao, M. Narayana

A novel oxidation of 3-aminopyridine by peroxomonophosphoric acid
p. 0227 | Mahapatra, S. N; Panigrahi, G. P; Panda, A. K

1-Hydroxy-2-acetonaphthoneoxime as a gravimetric reagent for palladium(II0, copper (II) and Nickel(II)
p. 0227 | Balkrishna, V. V; Raju, N. Appala

Simplified calculation of dipole moments and polarizabilities from vapour-phase measurements of dielectric constant and refractive index
p. 0229 | Levitt, Leonard S.

On the occurrence of syntectonically filled veins in the rocks east of Barwaha city, West Nimar district, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0230 | Roday, Prakash P; Bhatt, Arun K.

Nodal organization in the family scrophulariaceae
p. 0231 | Kumar, Shashi; Bisht, P. S; Paliwal, G. S

Association of Drechslera setariae with downy mildew affected pearl millet
p. 0233 | Balasubramanian, K. A

A new species of Stenella from India
p. 0234 | Kumar, P; Shukla, D. N

a calculator programme for factorial experiments
p. 0236 | Abdurazak, M. P.

Cholesterol and biosynthesis of diosgenin by tuber-callus of Bioscorea Deltoidea
p. 0237 | Chowdhury, A. R; Chaturvedi, H. C.

Abscisic acid production by diplocarpon rosae and its role in the disease production
p. 0238 | Wani, Suhas P; Rai, P. Vittal; Patil, R. B

A new species of Dichomera (Coelomycetes) from India
p. 0239 | Rao, V. G; Varghese, K. I. Mani

On the food preference and the morphological adaptations of the gut of some species of orthoptera
p. 0240 | Muralirangan, M. C.

An antimicrobial antibiotics from a species of bacilus
p. 0242 | Sundaram, B. M; Rao, G. Ramananda

On DDT-induced 'Radicular proliferation' in phaseolus Mungo Linn
p. 0242 | Venkataramaiah, c; Reddy, A Jayarami; Chandrasekharan, V

Evolutionary significance of pollen to ovule ratio-A study in some pulse crops
p. 0244 | Shanker, R. Uma; Ganeshaiah, K. N.

Development of infection structure by uredospores of Puccinia Ruelliae (Berk. and Br. ) Lagerh
p. 0245 | De, A. B.

Effect of simazine on DNA, RNA and total nitrogen of peas (Pisum sativum L. )
p. 0246 | Kadam, S. S; Salunkhe, D. K

Screening bread wheat germplasm for grain protein content and gluten strength
p. 0247 | Randhava, A. S; Chand, Karam

Studies on silkworm diseases Phage and serotyping of bacillus thuringinesis strains occurring in the sericultural tracts of Karnataka
p. 0248 | Vasantharajan, V. N; Munirathnamma, N.

The tubular differences in mouse testis
p. 0250 | Bhatia, A. L.

Studies on piscidal plants of North-Eastern India: Hope for an indigenous plant poison for fish nursery management
p. 0251 | Ramanujam, S. N; Ratha, B. K.

Reproductive cycle of the Indian Molossid Bat. Tadarida Aegyptiaca
p. 0252 | Kashyap, S. K.

p. 0254

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