Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 8: 20 Apr, 1980
General Articles
Unsteady, laminar flow of a viscous incompressible fluid through porous media in a hexagonal channel
p. 0294 | Gupta, Prem Chand

Isolation and studies on biological activities of mixed ligand complexes of copper (II) with 2, 2'-bipyridyl and α-amino
p. 0298 | Mallik, G. S; Singh, S. P; Bisht, N. P. S.

Synthesis and biological activity of alpha, α'-thiobisformamidine derivatives: Part II
p. 0302 | Pandeya, S. N; Ram, P

Polarographic study of uranyl-amino acids complexes - I: U (VI) in glycine, DL-α and β-alanines and histidine
p. 0305 | Dongre, V. G; Dhuley, D. G

Letters to the Editor
NMR study of the oil build-up in sunflower seeds
p. 0308 | Lakshminarayana, M. R; Seetharam, A; Ramanathan, K. V; Khetrapal, C. L.

Flavonoids of the leaves of Sterculia pallens
p. 0309 | Ranganathan, R. M; Nagarajan, S

1,3-addition of benzonitril oxides to 2-chloroalkybenzimidazoles: synthesis of 1-methyl-4-aryl-1H [1,2,4]oxadiazino-[4,5-a]benzimidazoles
p. 0310 | Rao, B. Ramamohan; Ahmed, Khalil

Isolation and characterisation of different constituents of Euphorbia Hirta Linn.
p. 0311 | Baslas, R. K; Agarwal, Rakesh

On the replacement of biotype by L-Felspar
p. 0312 | Gokhale, N. W; Hegde, V. N

Halotolerance of some anabaena Species
p. 0314 | Anand, N.

A new downy mildew on maize in Rajasthan, India
p. 0316 | Siradhana, Babu Singh; Dange, S. R. S; Rathore, R. S; Singh, S. D

Study of the effect of Metronidozole on nuclear constituent
p. 0317 | Ghosh, Abhoy Kumar

Iodine treatment of mungbean seeds for the maintenance of vigor and viability
p. 0319 | Rudrapal, A. B; Basu, R. N.

Cytological studies in Coelachyrum Lagopoides (Poaceae)
p. 0320 | Hiremath, S. C

Kariyology of a triploid Hippeastrum stylosum Herb
p. 0321 | Lakshmi, N; Murthy, T. V. S. R. V. Prasada

A Spontaneous variant with larger flowers in Jasminum Auriculatum Vahl.
p. 0323 | Rao, J. V. R. Bhupal; Krishnan, R.

Domingoella, a new generic record with a new species from northeast India
p. 0324 | Sarabhoy, A. K; Saikia, U. N

Preliminary observations on the embryology of Spinifex littoreus Merr.
p. 0325 | Lakshmanan, K. K; Jaylakshmi, R.

Development pf tomato genotypes with exserted stigma and a seedling marker for use as a female parents to exploit heterosis
p. 0326 | Tikoo, S. K.; Anand, N.

Isolation of Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis from two aborted equine foetuses
p. 0327 | Zaki, Syed; Rao, M. Satyanarayana; Nalini, T. S; Keshavamurthy, B. S.

Induction of Rhizogenesis by caffeic acid in maize stem segments
p. 0328 | Saini, Param Jeet; Srivastava, H. S

An unrecorded gruit rot of orange (citrus reticulata Blanco)
p. 0329 | Dhingra, Ranjna; Mehrotra, R. S; Aneja, K. R

The genus Stilbellula from India
p. 0330 | Chouhan, J. S; Panwar, K. S.

Increased lysosomal mediated protein degradation in the liver of 'vacor'fed Bandicota Bengalensis
p. 0331 | Sridhara, Shakunthala; Srihari, K.

p. 0333

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