Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 01: 05 Jan, 1981
p. 0001

Annexure-Reorganization plans for current science
p. 0003

Short communications
Chemistry in the service of humanity
p. 0004 | Varadarajan, S.

Research Articles
B to Z Transition in DNA Fibre:The question of handedness of the duplex
p. 0010 | Sasisekharan, V.; Brahmachari, Samir K.

Vasomotor actions and smooth muscle relaxant properties of some intermediates of Chloramphenicol
p. 0014 | Mitra, Chandan; Mukherjee, Arun Kumar; Banerjee, Sachidananda

Induced apogamy in Adiantum Trapeziforme L.
p. 0019 | Padhya, M. A.; Mehta, A. R.

Letters to the Editor
Reaction rates of C12 (alpha, gamma) 16O reaction affecting screening effect
p. 0021 | Khairozzaman, A. E. Md

Effect of metal ions on the antimicrobial activity of sodium dodecylsulphate
p. 0022 | Srinivasan, V. S.; Narasimhan, C. L.; Suryanarayanan, T. S.; Raghavan, P. S.

Grignard reaction on 3,4-cyclohexeno-and 3,4-cyclopenteno coumarins
p. 0023 | Merchant, J. R; Bakre, K. M.

Variation in somatic chromosome number and behaviour in the species salvia farinacea Benth. var. Royal Blue.
p. 0025 | Haque, S. Md.; Ghoshal, K. K.

Polyploidy and speciation in costus specious (Koen,) Sm.
p. 0026 | Prasad, P. Nagendra; Abraham, Z.

Induced tetraploidy in Solanum nigrum L. complex
p. 0028 | Siddiqui, N. H.

Heterochromatin in the first inbred Generation of Radish (raphanus sativus L. )
p. 0029 | Dayal, N.; Kumar, S.; Prasad, C.

Development and structure resorption tissue in Capsicul L.
p. 0030 | Raghuvanshi, R. K.; Singh, Dalbir

Bulbochaete ivorensis Gauthier Lievre- A new addition to India Flora
p. 0031 | Prasad, Braj Nandan; Fathima, Tasneem

Inheritance of glossy stem character in Brassica Juncea L.
p. 0032 | Sengupta, K.; Mukhopadhyay, S.

Outbreak of collar rot sunflower caused by Botrytis cinerea in Rajasthan, India
p. 0033 | Mathur, Sneh; Thakore, B. B. Lal; Chakravarti, B. P.; Singh, R. B.

Zonate Anthracnose, a new disease of sorghum caused by Colletotrichum graminicola var. zonatum Var. Nov.
p. 0034 | Rajasab, A. H.; Ramalingam, A.

Report on Fusarium Wilt in Pinus kesiya royle
p. 0036 | Mishra, R. R.; Sharma, G. D.; Tiwari, B. K.

Chromatic adaptation in merismopedia minima at two depts in Damdama lake
p. 0036 | Dakshini, K. M. M.; Gupta, S. K.

Effectiveness of JH minic hydroprene for the control of Cules fatigans weld.
p. 0038 | Ahmad, Islam; Gupta, Mridula

Changes in the bimodal gas exchange and some blood parameters in the air breathing fish, channa Striatus (Bleeker) following lethal (Lc 50/48 Hrs. ) exposue to metasytox (demetron)
p. 0040 | Natarajan, G. M.

A Curculionid weevil with the lowest chromosome number (cuculionidae Lcoleoptera)
p. 0042 | Sharma, G. P.; Sabhlok, Vinod Pal

Fertility of chemosterilized houseflies in relation to density
p. 0043 | Khan, Fasih Usshan

Book Reviews
p. 0045 | Ramakrishnan, M.; Murthy, S. R. N.; Pande, H. K.

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