Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 06: 20 Mar, 1981
Research News
Blue-green algae: A possible remedy to nitrogen scarcity
p. 0253 | Venkataraman, G. S.

Research Articles
MHD fluctuating flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past a porus plate
p. 0257 | Gupta, Mukesh; Varshney, Om Prakash

Hepatic lipolysis during muscular electrical stimulations
p. 0261 | Moorthy, C. V. Narasimha; Reddanna, P.; Govindappa, S.

Development of the corpus luteum in the Indian leaf-nosed bat, Hippocyderos speoris (Schneider)
p. 0264 | Ramakrishna, P. A.; Bhatia, Deepa; Gopalakrishna, A.

Letters to the Editor
A modified nitroso-R salt procedure for determination of cobalt in presence of iron in biological samples
p. 0269 | Venkateswerlu, G.; Sastry, K. Sivarama

Pigeon pea (Cajajus cjan) A ureide producing grain legume
p. 0270 | Luthra, Y. P.; Sheoran, I. S.; Singh, Randhir

Gonnardite from carbonatite complex of Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu
p. 0271 | Ramaswamy, R.

Mycotoxins in stored rice
p. 0272 | Gangopadhyaya, S.; Chakrabarti, N. K.

Effect of gibberellic acid spraying on banana fruit development
p. 0275 | Mishra, S. D.; Desai, B. M.; Gaur, B. K.

A new species of cylindrocarpon
p. 0277 | Chouhan, J. S.; Panwar, K. S.

Systemic fungicides as pretreatment chemicals for root meristems squashes
p. 0278 | Sahu, R. K.; Behera, B. N.; Sharma, C. B. S. R.

A new species of Centratherum cass. (compositae) from South India
p. 0279 | Narayana, B. M.

Nitrogen fixation bu fimbristylis bisumbellata (Forsk. ) Bub.
p. 0280 | Varshney, C. K.; Mandhan, K.

Cytological studies on weeds -1 Sesbania bispinosa
p. 0281 | Bir, S. S.; Sidhu, M.

A note on the occurrence of twig blight and stem canker of Gossypium Herbaceum L. in India
p. 0281 | Desai, Sunil A.

A new fruit rot disease of Kanduri (Coccinia cordifolia Linn. )
p. 0281 | Kapoor, Alka; Mahor, Rekha; Gupta, R. N.

Production of pectic enzymes by Cassytha Filiformis L.
p. 0283 | Reddy, A. S.; Komraiah, M.; Reddu, S. M.

Thelasis pygmaea Lindl. New addition to the orchid flora of Andaman and Nicobar
p. 0284 | Yoganarasimhan, S. N.; Chelladurai, V.; Togunashi, V. S.

A case of terminal chromosomes deletion in gloriosa superba L.
p. 0285 | Narain, Prakash

Effects of ionizing radiation on epidermal tissues and secondary xylem in Solanum melongene L. Cv pusa purple long
p. 0286 | Ahmad, Raisuddin; Siddiqui, Saeed A.

Induced facination in Celosia argentea L.
p. 0287 | Behera, N. C.; Patnaik, S. N.

Fossil woods of millettia and albizzia from the tertiary beds of West Bengal, India
p. 0288 | Ghosh, Pradip Kumar; Roy, S. K.

Nondehiscent anther condition in corron
p. 0289 | Seth, Sunil; Maherchandani, N; Kairon, M. S.

Mnesthia lavelis-A non-host for rice gall midge
p. 0290 | Natarajan, K.; Mathur, K. C.; Rajamani, S.

A note on the incidence of liver adenocarcinoma in the common crow Corvus splendens splendens
p. 0291 | Ramalingam, K.; Srinivas, D.

On the occurrence of Metacentrics in a South Indian Grasshopper
p. 0293 | Aswathanarayana, N. V.; Aswath, S. K.; Manjunatha, K. R.

Henneguya thermalis N. Sp. parasitic in the brain tissue of the Loach, Lepidocephalichthys thermalis (Hamilton)
p. 0294 | Seenappa, D.; Manohar, L.; Prabhu, R. M.

Gidhaia Kolhapurensis N. Sp. (Cestoda L Anoplocephalidae) from Torgos Calvus
p. 0296 | Kadam, S. S.; Shinde, G. B.; Jadhav, B. V.

Book Reviews
p. 0297 | Ramnanda rao, G.

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