Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 12: 20 Jun, 1981
Short communications
Rice improvement in India
p. 0517 | Seetharaman, R.

Research Articles
TDPAC studies of electric quadrupole interaction of 133Cs in compounds of barium (BaCr2O7 and BaCrO4)
p. 0523 | Chawat, B. L.; Varma, J.

Preparation of undamaged hypocotyl microsomes by Ca++-aggregation technique
p. 0525 | Sharma, K. K.; Dani, H. M.; Jagota, S. K.

Regional differences in the histochemical site and pattern of distribution of acid phosphatase in the adrenal gland of Pteropus giganteus giganteus Brunnich (Megachiroptera : Mammalia)
p. 0527 | David, S. K.; Lall, S. B.

Letters to the Editor
New band systems of the NiF molecule
p. 0530 | Gopal, R.; Joshi, M. M.

Spectrophotometric determination of Iron(II) with beacetyl monoxime
p. 0531 | Zaria, M.; Riyazuddin, P.

A proterozoic stromatolite from East Africa
p. 0532 | Dixit, P. C.; Prasad, Gisela I.

On the status of Sivapithecus indicus Material from the lower-siwaliks of Kangra District, H. P.
p. 0534 | Kaul, Samvit; Vasishat, R. N.

Certain viewpoint on the remaining of Cyanophyta
p. 0535 | Anand, N.

Occurrence of Udabatti disease on Sorghum in Karnataka
p. 0536 | Gowda, D. Nanje; Janardhan, A.; Reddy, H. R.

Translocation of 14C Metabolites from different leaves to the grain sorghum
p. 0537 | Rao, N. K. Srinivasa; Singh, S. P.

Scanning electron microscopic analysis of pollen in tristylous Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart. ) Solms. (Pontederiaceae)
p. 0538 | Bahadur, Bir; Laxmi, S. Bangaru; Srikanth, R.

Leptosphaeria leaf spot and blight of ginger in India
p. 0540 | Dhar, Vishwa; Srivastava, L. S.; Sahambi, H. S.

Anatomy of circumscissile dehiscence in Plantago ovata Forsk
p. 0541 | Lamba, L. C.; Gupta, Veena

Triploidy in Heteropteris Kunth. Emend. Griseb
p. 0541 | Nazeer, M. A.; Madhusoodanan, K. J.

A new species of Circinella van tiegh and Le Monn.
p. 0544 | Patil, S. D.; Kale, Jyoti C.

Cytological instability in Arachis hypogaea L.
p. 0545 | Jahnavi, M. R.; Bharathi, M.; Murty, U. R.

Teliospore germination and nuclearbehaviour in Ravenelia tandonii Syd. on Acacia catechu Willd.
p. 0546 | Patil, S. D.; Date, K. G.

Studies in the Pollen grains of Juniperus L.
p. 0548 | Chaturvedi, Mithilesh

Cultivation of calocybe indica, A tropical edible mushroom
p. 0550 | Chakravarty, D. K.; Sarkar, B. B.; Kundu, B. M.

Colibacillosis in a Oeacock
p. 0550 | Rao, M. Satyanarayana; Zaki, Syed; Ganesh, T.

Further observations on the freely ciculating Haemocytes of Lipeurus lawrensis tropicallis peters (Phthiraptera : Ischnocera)
p. 0551 | Agarwal, G. P.; Saxena, A. K.

Insect sterilants from Catharanthus roseus
p. 0552 | Sukumar, Kumuda; Osmani, Z.

On the occurrence of the brittle stal ophiophrixus confinis koehler (Echinodermata : Ophiuroidea) in the Indian Ocean
p. 0554 | Sastry, D. R. K.

Report on the occurrence of bioluminescence in the earthworm, Lampito (=megascolex) Mauritii
p. 0555 | Ismail, S. A.; Kaleemurrahman, M.

Increased rate of melanization in Haemolymph of Dysdercus cingulatus F. alter treatment with leaf alkaloid of Catharanthus roseus
p. 0555 | Sukumar, Kumuda; Parvati, H. R.; Narasaiah, J.; Osmani, Z.

Occurrence of Eurydendroid cells in the corpus and Valvula Cerebelli of Notopterus notopterus (Ham. )
p. 0556 | Goel, H. R.; Saxena, O. P.; Tandon, K. K.

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0558

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