Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 13: 05 Jul, 1981
Short communications
Geoscientific instrumentation
p. 0561 | Mani, A.

Research Articles
Dissociation energy of the CuBr molecule
p. 0567 | Rao, T. V. Ramakrishna; Reddy, R. Ramakrishna; Rao, P. Sambasiva

Isolation and structural studies on the complex of copper(II) with imipramine hydrochloride
p. 0569 | Gowda, H. Sanke; Jayarama

Synthesis of some α-naphthol derivatives: Dye intermediates
p. 0570 | Ashuthosh; Pandey, N. D.; Mehrotra, J. K.

Evaluation of sound velocity and interactions study in ternary liquid mixtures
p. 0572 | Saxena, M. C.; Pant, N.

Embryo in Vallisneria, a quantitative study
p. 0575 | Shah, C. K.; Srivastava, D. K.

Acute histopathological effects of lindane [γ-benzene hexachloride] on the liver of Colisa lalia
p. 0578 | Ramalingam, R.; Reddy, Y. Srinivasa

Letters to the Editor
Modifications of scribner mullins shallow cup (SMSC) electrode for rapid volatisation
p. 0581 | Chandola, L. C.

Fission track dating of muscovites from pegmatites of the Shillong plateau
p. 0582 | Talukdar, B. C.; Pathak, K. M.; Chakravarty, A.; Chowdhary, P. K.

Effect of orthene on tissue level of riboflavin and succinic dehydrogenase activity
p. 0583 | Deotare, S. T.; Chakrabarti, C. H.

5-Coordinate Oxovanadium(IV) complexes with monofunctional tridentate schiff bases containing -O, N, O- sequences
p. 0585 | Kulkarni, V. H.; Patil, B. R.; Prabhakar, B. K.

Mixed ligand complexes involving diethylene triamine and Leucin
p. 0587 | Shrestha, J. K.

Magnetinc orientation in termite mounds
p. 0588 | Prasad, E. A. V.; Narayana, A. C.

Preliminary Note on the presence of jurassic Holothuroids from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
p. 0589 | Singh, S. N.; Kulshreshtha, S. K.; Garg, Rahul; Saxena, R. K.

Perfect stage of Pestalotiopsis neglecta Thuem
p. 0591 | Purohit, D. K.; Joshi, S. P.

Parthenium histerophorus L. (Asteraceae) Exhibiting low photorespiration
p. 0592 | Rajendrudu, G.; Rao, V. S. Rama

A note on the chemotaxonomy of Staurogyne
p. 0593 | Radhakrishnaiah, M.; Sarma, V. V. L. N.; Narayana, L. L.

Productioan of phenolics in Acrostichum aureum L. During growth in vitro
p. 0594 | Padhya, M. A.; Kishor, P. B. Kavi; Mehta, A. R.

In vitro studies on gametophytes of Pteris vittata L.
p. 0595 | Padhya, M. A.; Mehta, A. R.

Chromosome number of the tree-fern-Cyathea gigantea
p. 0597 | Kuriachan, P. I.

Cellulcyclic activity of Myceliophthora thermophilia D-14
p. 0598 | Sem, Sribir; Abraham, T. K.; Chakrabarty, S. L.

Phoma lucknowensis sp. nov. from Indian Alkaline soils
p. 0600 | Agarwal, S. C.; Misra, J. K.

Role of hathing factors in larval emergence from cysts of heterodera orizicola-A nematode pest of Roce
p. 0601 | Jayaprakash, A.; Rao, Y. Seshagiri

Interaction of lectins with different plant protoplasts
p. 0602 | Ghosh, B. N.; Sarkar, Ajoy Kumar; Dasgupta, B.; Sircar, P. K.

The productivity in induced mutants on moong bean
p. 0603 | Singh, V. P.; Chaturvedi, S. N.

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0605

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