Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 15: 05 Aug, 1981
Short communications
In vitro genetic manipulation of higher plants
p. 0653 | Bhaskaran, S.; Mukerjee, S. K.; Majid, Rehana; Gupta, N.; Vatsya, B.

Research Articles
The confirmation of an LD tripeptide N-acetyl-L-propyl-D-alanyl-methylamide from proton and carbon-13 NMR
p. 0662 | Ramaprasad, S.; Shekar, S. C.; Easwaran, K. R. K.

Topology and physical properties of n-alkanes
p. 0668 | Lall, R. S.

Letters to the Editor
A plane symmetric universe filled with stiff matter
p. 0671 | Abdussattar

Back scattered m-lines
p. 0671 | Avudainayagam, K. V.; Selvarajan, A.; Rao, M. Ramakrishna

Excited state dipole moment of acridine orange
p. 0673 | Odak, S.; Sharma, Ashutosh; Machwe, M. K.

The superconductivity of YRh4B4-An enigma
p. 0674 | Ekbote, S. N.; Narlikar, A. V.

Synthesis of some N1-aryl/heteroaryl-2,2-disubstituted azomethines as potential fungicides
p. 0676 | Giri, S.; Khare, R. K.; Singh, K. K.

Estimation of indigocarmine by bromamine-B, Dichloroamine-B and Dibromamine-B
p. 0677 | Yathirajan, H. S; Rangaswamy

Studies on amidoalkylation reaction:synthesis of alpha(amido-alkyl)-cyclohexanones and their corresponding thiosemicarbazones
p. 0678 | Pandey, V. K.

Lipolytic activity of thermophilic fungi of paddy straw compost
p. 0680 | Satyanarayana, T.; Johri, Bhavdish N.

A new disease od poi (Basella rubra L. ) in India caused by alternaria alternata (Fries) Keissler
p. 0682 | Rai, S. N.; Lele, V. C.; Kandhari, Janki

Heterosis in Blackgram
p. 0683 | Singh, Phyndan; Srivastava, A. N.

Imparipinnate leaf with normal size leaflet in groundnut
p. 0684 | Mouli, Chandra; Kale, D. M.

Adaptive significance of seed polymorphism in Lagerstroemia parviflora roxb.
p. 0685 | Shukla, R. P.; Ramakrishnan, P. S.

Neurosecretory system of the brain of the cotton bug serinetha augur (Fabr. ) (Heteroptera : Coreidae)
p. 0688 | Samuel, M. M.; Ramalingam, N.

A note on hydrocyanic acid content in acacia leucophloea Roxb. Willd
p. 0689 | Bhaoria, B. K.; Gupta, R. K.

Hormonal control on the mating behaviour in the females of spodoptera mauritia (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae)
p. 0690 | Nair, V. S. K.

Effects of Griseofulvin on the Karyology of spirogyra paradoxa Rao
p. 0691 | Vardhani, P. Abhaya; Sarma, Y. S. R. K.

Diagnosisa of rinderpest in cattle by Agar gel precipitation test
p. 0693 | Ramachandra, R. N.; Ravindranath, N.; Subbasastry, G. N.

Isolation of proteus mirabilis from frozen bull semen
p. 0694 | Ramachandra, R. N.; Rao, M. Sathyanarayana; Viswam, K.; Murthy, U. Suryanarayana

Anophelus subpictus, vector of malaria in coastal village of South-East India
p. 0694 | Panicker, K. N.; Bai, M. Geetha; Rao, U. S. Bheema; Viswam, K.; Murthy, U. Suryanarayana

Effect of the gonads on the growth of fat body of Poecilocerus pictus (Orthopters, acrididae)
p. 0695 | Banerjee, Samita

p. 0697

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