Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1981
Short communications
Computer studies of molecular collisions and chemical reactions: A state-of-the-art survey
p. 0743 | Satyamurthy, N.

Research Articles
Biologically active mixed-ligand complexes of rare-earths
p. 0748 | Sharma, R. C.; Tripathi, S. P.; Khanna, Sujata; Sharma, R. S.

Syntheses of Andrographis paniculata flavones
p. 0750 | Bhardwaj, D. K.; Gupta, A. K.; Chand, Ramesh; Jain, Kumkum

Giant cells in the placenta of the Indian sheath-tailed bat Taphozous longimanus (Hardwicke)
p. 0753 | Bhide, S. A.; Bhatia, Deepta

Letters to the Editor
Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of dimethyl sulphoxide by sodium N-Chloro Benzenesulphonamide 1 hydrochloric acid medium
p. 0757 | Rangaswamy; Yathirajan, H. S

Synthesis with diazoalkanes and o-benzoyl chloride
p. 0758 | Verma, Aruna; Wadhwa, S. K.

Factors controlling the chemistry of ground waters of Sandur Schist Belt, Karnaaka State
p. 0761 | Puranik, S. C.; Jayasheela, H. M.; Somasekar, B.

An improved synthesis of substituted derivatives of 2-aminoadamantane
p. 0761 | Alam, Mahbub

Volatile sporostatic factors of thermophilous fungal strains of paddy straw compost
p. 0763 | Satyanarayana, T.; Joshr, Bhavdish N.

Sphaerotheca verbenae, a new fungus for India
p. 0766 | Saxena, A. K.; Saksena, S. B.

Yellow mosaic of patcholli (Pogostemon patchouli) in India
p. 0767 | Sastry, K. S.; Vasanthakumar, T.

Scanning electron microscopic study of Parthenium hysterophorus L. Pollen
p. 0768 | Rajendrudu, G.; Das, V. S. Rama

A hyperparasite of phyllactinia corylea, the powdery mildew of Mulbery
p. 0769 | Rao, S. Shama; Sullia, S. B.

Improvement of rice through induced mutations A fine grain recombinant of Jhona-349
p. 0770 | Kaul, M. L. H.; Kumar, Vijay

Seed sterility in Dactyloctenium sindicum Boiss. (Poaceae)
p. 0771 | Sharma, M. L.; Bhanwra, R. K.; Kaur, Sukhjit

Studies on the response of acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingl. ) to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae
p. 0772 | Shanmugam, N.; Babu, R. Chandra; Thalamuthu, C.

A simple and rapid method of screening stomatal distribution and trichomes in cassava
p. 0773 | Bai, K. Vijaya; Jos, J. S.

Little known features in the epidermology of cissus quadrangularis L.
p. 0774 | Janardhanan, K.; Gopal, V.; Lakshmanan, K. K.

The development of endosperm in priya cordifolia (Linn. F. ) Druce
p. 0775 | Thirumaran, K.; Lakshmanan, K. K.

The effects of culture filtrate on sporulation of the green alga stigeoclonium pascheri (Vischer) cox and bold
p. 0777 | Agrawal, S. C.; Sarma, Y. S. R. K.

A new species of Scenedesmus --S. serrato-perforatus Sp. nov.
p. 0778 | Patel, R. J.; George, Isabella

Occurrence of Cleistothecial stage of erysiphe cichoracearum DC. on Coccinia indica W. a.
p. 0779 | Sohi, H. S.; Kaur, Harinder; Singh, Gurmail

Reversal of effects of alkylating agents through the use of prostaglandin E1 in the ovotestis of the snail Lymnaea acuminata
p. 0780 | Singh, Ravindra; Agrawal, R. A.

Embryological studies in pterotheca falconeri Hook. f.
p. 0781 | Gill, B. S.; Iqbal, M.

Lepidium sativum Linn. An unrecorded host for albugocandia (pers. ex. Chev. )--Kuntze.
p. 0782 | Melkania, N. P.; Upreti, G. B.

Note on inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew and days to flowering in peas
p. 0782 | Ram, Hari Har; Singh, R. D.; Singh, Y. V.

A new species of Perichaena Fr.
p. 0784 | Nanir, S. P.

Role of IAA, IAA-oxidase, O-hydroxy phenols, polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase in stem gall disease of Coriandrum sativum L.
p. 0785 | Tayal, M. S.; Kumar, S.; Goel, A. K.; Maheshwari, D. K.

p. 0787

Short communications
Current trends in glass research
p. 0789 | Rao, K. J.

Research Articles
Monomethyl ammonium substituted chloro complexes of cobalt(II), nickel(II) and zinc(II)
p. 0796 | Guru, Sarweshwar; Misra, Rajendra P.

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