Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 18: 20 Sep, 1981
Research Articles
High energy double plasmon satellites in K-X-ray emission spectra of Cr and Fe
p. 0795 | Srivastava, K. S.; Harsh, O. K.; Kumar, V.; Husain, M.; Singh, Shiv

Some observations on the alkaline province in Andhra Pradesh
p. 0799 | Leelanandam, C.

Some aspects of floral biology of Cassia fistula Linn. (The Indian laburnum) - Part I
p. 0802 | Saradhi, P. Pardha; Ram, H. Y. Mohan

Measurement of the ratio of the number of X-chromosomes to sets of autosomes in Drosophila melanogaster
p. 0805 | Gadagkar, Raghavendra; Nanjundiah, V.; Joshi, N. V.; Chandra, H. Sharat

Letters to the Editor
Ultrasonic velocity studies of Hydrogen bonds
p. 0808 | Raman, S.; Tipnis, C. B.

Studies on metal chelates of Silver(I0, Copper(I) and Thallium(I) with 5-Iodo-8-hydroxy quinolono-4-(p-Tolyl) Sulphonamide and 5,7-Di-Iodo-8-hydroxy quinolino-4-(p-Tolyl) sulphonamide as possible antibacterials
p. 0809 | Tiwari, G. D.; Mishra, M. N.

Flavonoids of the inflorescence of Veronia elaegnifolia
p. 0811 | Subramanian, N. S.; Ngarajan, S.

Spectrophotometric determination of isoniazid
p. 0812 | Nayak, Anant N.; Yathirajan, H. S; Manjappa, S.

Synthesis of sulphenamide, sulphenimide and sulphenimine with sulphenyl bromide of ortho-Mercapto-Azo compound
p. 0813 | Bhattacharjee, S. K.; Dasgupta, S. K.

A new spray reagent for the identification of monocrotophos by thin layer chromatography
p. 0814 | Deshpande, A. S.; Padalikar, S. V.; Meghal, S. K.

Microgram determination of quinine with Solochrome green V 150 by Extractive spectrophotometry
p. 0815 | Rao, N. V. Rama; Prasad, A. R.

Synthesis of some 2-alkyl cycloalk-2-en-1-ones
p. 0816 | Singh, Vijay Shanker; Gupta, S. M. L.

a simple, rapid and reproducible technique for clonal culture of axenically grown Entomoeba histolytica and other entomoeba
p. 0817 | Das, S. R.; Meerovitch, E.

Derrone-4'-O-methyl ether from seeds of derris robusta
p. 0818 | Chibber, S. S.; Sharma, R. P.; Dutt, S. K.

Age of the Ladakh-Deosai granite batholith, trans-Himalaya
p. 0819 | Sharma, Kewal K.; Sharma, O. P.; Choubey, Vinay M.; Nagpaul, K. K.

Buellia isidiophora and lopadium austroindicum-Two new species of Lichens from India
p. 0821 | Awasthi, Dharani Dhar; Kumar, Dilip

Two new species of the lichen genus megalospora from South-west India
p. 0823 | Makhija, Urmila; Nagarkar, M. B.

New records of plant parasitic nematode infestations and their significance in decline in tea plantations of West Bengal, India
p. 0824 | Mukherjee, B.; Dasgupta, M. K.

Fat and glycogen concentrations in flesh of catfish Heteropneustes fossils (Bloch) as indicators of living condition
p. 0825 | Mustafa, Saleem; Jafri, A. K.

Phosphatase activity in the Hepatopancreas and the larval digenean parasites of Lymnaea luteola
p. 0826 | Krishna, G. Venkata Rama

Influence of host plants in the control of green peach aphid Myzus Persicae Sulz with different chemicals
p. 0828 | Dhandapani, N.; Jayaraj, S.

Short Scientific Notes
Streptomyces Collinus Linbenbein-A new species causing Common Scab of Potato
p. 0830 | Dey, S. K.; Singh, Nirmaljit; Singh, Harnam

Two new additions to the fungi of India
p. 0830 | Srivastava, S. K.; Raizada, B. B. S.

An unrecorded root rot of cauliflower caued by Macrophomina pphaseolina (Tassi) Gold
p. 0831 | Aneja, K. R.; Saini, B. L.; Batra, Meena

Very early maturing strains in rice
p. 0831 | Srivastava, D. P.

p. 0832

p. 0833

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