Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 6: 20 Mar, 1982
Research Articles
A Test for the Use of Two-Fold Torsional Potential For W Rotation - 'Unperturbed Dimensions of Polypeptided'
p. 0171 | Srinivasan, A. R.; Rao, V. S. R.

Lectins: Are they involved in recognition of parasites by plants?
p. 0263 | Mahadevan, A.; Muthukumar, G.; Arunakumari, A.

From the archives
50 years of Current Science- Gleanings
p. 0269

p. 0270

Research Articles
Rotatory dispersion of hexagonal crystals of Al(IO3)3 2HIO3. 6H2O and its temperature variation
p. 0271 | Madhava, M. S.; Somashekar, R.

Microplanktons from the late Precambrian Simla group, Himachal Pradesh
p. 0273 | Nautiyal, Avinash Ch.

Effects of Onion in atherosclerosis in rabbits: IV Maintenance of normal activity of aortic enzymes
p. 0276 | Vatsala, T. M.; Singh, Megha

p. 0278

Letters to the Editor
reaction of cyclic anhydrides. Syntheses of 3-oxo-1,4-benzothiazines and 2-oxoquinoxalines. A novel approach via maleanilic acids
p. 0279 | Balasubramaniyan, P.; Patel, M. V.; Wagh, S. B.; Balasubramaniyan, V.

Steroidal constituents of different parts of Asparagus currillus Buch-Ham
p. 0280 | Sharma, S. C.; Sati, O. P.; Chand, R.

Vivipary of Anthoxanthum odoratum L.
p. 0281 | Shanthamma, C.

Aflatoxin production on some fruits by Aspergillus flavus Link ex Fries and Aspergillus parasiticus Speare
p. 0282 | Singh, Anjana; Sinha, K. K.

Pollen dimorphism in Althea rosea L.
p. 0282 | Sharma, Darshan

Structure of Pericarp and dehiscense mechanism in Anethum graveolens L.
p. 0283 | Sharma, Indu; Lamba, L. C.

A note on male strility in hute (C. capsularis L. )
p. 0286 | Rohman, M.

A new species of Pseudocercospora Speg
p. 0287 | Rai, A. N.; Kamal

Polyploidy induced in ginger by colchicine treatment
p. 0288 | Ramachandran, K.

Selection of Bengal gram (Cicerarietinum L. ) mutants for late sown conditions in North India
p. 0289 | Sinha, S. K.; Chopra, Renu Khanna; Koundal, K. R.

Yield increase of wheat after inoculation with A. chroococcum and phosphobacteria
p. 0291 | Kundu, B. S.; Gaur, A. C.

Two new taxa of Curcuma Linn. (Zingiberaceae) from Cannanore District, Kerala, India
p. 0293 | Ansari, R.; Nair, V. J.; Nair, N. C.

Megasporogenesis in some Dalbergieae
p. 0295 | Seshavatharam, V.; Rao, K. V. Subba

Panicle senescence in rice
p. 0296 | Debata, A.; Murty, K. S.

Isolation of a new strain of Streptomyces albus from Agra soils
p. 0297 | Sharma, D. D.; Sinha, S. K.

Effect of calcium and magnesium on the susceptibility of rice plants to bacterial leaf blight
p. 0298 | Mohanty, Susanta K.; Reddy, P. Ranga; Sridhar, R.

In Vitro efficacy of some fungicides on inhibition of ascospore discharge in Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Wint
p. 0299 | Qasba, G. N.; Shah, A. M.

Foliar epidermal structure and ontogeny of stomata in Ophiopogon intermedius Don (Liliaceae)
p. 0301 | Vaikos, N. P.

Physiological heterogeneity in stem explants of pearl millet cultured in vitro
p. 0302 | Prasad, B. Lakshmi; Prabhu, M. Satish Chandra; Shanthamma, C.

A little looked at attribute of the leaves of Sonneratia caseolaris (L.) Engl
p. 0303 | Rao, T. Ananda; Chakraborti, Swapna

On the Occurence of the leptocephalus of the rare deep-sea Eel Gavialiceps taeniola Alcock in the Gulf of Mannar
p. 0305 | Nair, R. V.; Pillai, P. Madhusudhana

A new species of Heliococcus Sule (Cocoidea:Pseudococcidae) from South India
p. 0306 | Avasthi, Rajendra Kumar; Shafee, Shaikh Adam

Holocrine secretion in the hepatopancreas of Alpheus edwardsi (audouin)
p. 0308 | Nath, T. Rajendra; Rao, K. Hanumantha; Shyamsundari, K.

Isolation of Bordetella bronchiseptica from a case of bovine mastitis
p. 0309 | Ramachandra, R. N.; Rao, M. Sathyanarayana; Raghavan, P.

Karyological study in the digenetic trematode Notocotylus attenuatus
p. 0309 | Rao, K. Jayanand; Reddy, P. Venkat

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