Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 15: 05 Aug, 1983
Research Articles
Ponons, Fonons focussing and helicon-phonon interaction
p. 0695 | Viswanathan, K. S.

Prenatal diagnosis of genetic defects
p. 0704 | Sharma, Archana; Talukder, Geeta; Singhania, Lalita

p. 0710

From the archives
Current Science-50 Years Ago
p. 0711

Research Articles
A new plant extract to suppress the population of yellow fever and Dengue vector aedes Aegypti L. ( Diptera: Culicidae)
p. 0713 | Saxena, S. C.; Yadav, R. S.

Short communications
Dilemma of EuMo6X8(X=S, Se)-possible solution
p. 0716 | Ekbote, S. N.; Gupta, S. K.; Narlikar, A. V.

Cryst structure of diaqua nitroglycinecalcium(II) Nitrate
p. 0718 | Natarajan, S.; Rajan, S. S.

A new route for synthesis of 2,4,6-triarylpyridines vis Phosphonium ylides
p. 0719 | Gupta, K. C.; Nigam, R. K.; Srivastava, N.

Excess Gruneisen parameter and intermolecular interaction in binary liquid mixtures of trichloroethylene
p. 0721 | Shukla, B. P.; Mishra, V. N.; Dubey, S. N.

On the taxonomic position of Nyctanthes Arbor-tristis L.
p. 0723 | Vaishampayan, Neeta; Sharma, Y. N.

A primitive flower in the palm Licuala Spinosa Thunb
p. 0725 | Manilal, K. S.; Renuka, C.

Embryogenesis in three species of Vandellia L.
p. 0726 | Reddy, S. Syamala; Rao, P. S. Prakasa

Seedling and leaf blight of jowar by seed-isolated Exserohilium and Drechslera Species
p. 0728 | Shree, M. P.

On the operculateaperture in the pollen of Sanchezia Parvibracteata
p. 0731 | Valsaladevi, G.; Mathews, P. M.

Influence of methionine and threonine on lysine overproducers
p. 0731 | Sen, S. K.; Chatterjee, M.; Chatterjee, S. P.

Lactopropionic orcein as a suitable stain for mitotic chromosomes of Oleaceae
p. 0733 | George, K.; Geethamma, S.

Conochaetae comosa Klebahn (Chlorophyta)-A new addition to the Indian Flora
p. 0734 | Tiwari, R. K.

Dactylospora Korber patellariaceae:A new generic record for India
p. 0735 | Sharma, M. P.; Singh, Amar

Pythium Vexans var. Minuta Var. Nov. from Kumaun, the Himalayas, India
p. 0735 | Mer, G. S.; Khulbe, R. D.

Root rot of groundnut incited by fusarium nivale
p. 0736 | Kumar, Ravi; Mathur, S. K.; Mathur, Anila

Effect of phosphamidon on alpha-amylase activity of Pheretima Posthuma (annelida:Oligochaeta)
p. 0737 | Gupta, S. K.; Srivastava, Kanchan

Hepatic hyperplasma in a catfish, Mystus Gulio (Ham), collected from Visakhapatnam Harbour
p. 0738 | Rao, K. Srinivasa; Sultana, Rafia

Nanoplankton:Chief primary produceers in lake Nainital
p. 0739 | Pant, M. C.; Sharma, A. P.

Some new records of freshwater ostracoda (Crustacea:Entomostraca) from India
p. 0741 | Harshey, D. K.; Shrivastava, A. K.

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0743

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