Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1983
Research Articles
The Short-range nucleon interaction and the quantum chromodynamic potential models
p. 0789 | Warke, C. S.

Newer indolyl antiparkinsonian agents
p. 0795 | Kumar, P.; Nath, C.; Bhargava, K. P.; Shanker, K.

From the archives
Current Science-50 Years Ago
p. 0798

p. 0798

Short communications
X-ray absorption studies of YbAl2 and YbAl3 intermetallic compounds
p. 0799 | Prabhawalkar, V.; Padalia, B. D.

Anomalously long radiate lifetimes of uranyl ion in solutions
p. 0800 | Joshi, G. C.; Pant, D. D.

Photooxygenation Studies on 2-Oxazolin-5-Ones
p. 0803 | Chibber, S. S.; Dutt, S. K.; Pandita, Sangeeta

Tannin content at different stages of grain development in some bird susceptible and resistant sorghums
p. 0804 | Yadav, S. P.; Rana, B. S.

Water Hyacinth as a prospective source of Stigmasterol
p. 0806 | Goswami, P. C.; Nag, B.; Sharma, A. K.; Borthakur, Archana; Singh, H. D.; Baruah, J. N.

Icelandspar ocelli from skarn rock of garigaipalli area, Tamil Nadu
p. 0808 | Ramaswamy, R.

New Plant type in groundnut, Arachis Hypogaea L.
p. 0811 | Murthy, U. R.

Origin and sequential patten of maturation of foliar sclerids in Mouriri Guianensis Aubl. (Melastomataceae)
p. 0812

Eurotium repens de bary var. Columnaris- a new variety of Aspergillus Repens
p. 0814 | Varshney, J. L.; Sarbhoy, A. K.; Chowdhury, P. N.

On the papillate cotyledonary surface of scleria Foliosa Hochst. Ex A. Rich. (Cyperaceae)
p. 0816 | Nijalingappa, B. H. M.; Arekal, G. D.

chromosome interlocking in some species of Genus Crotalaria L.
p. 0817 | Mangotra, Rani; Koul, A. K.

Occurence of Maize dwarf mosaic virus in India
p. 0818 | Singh, Chaudhary A. K.

A Productive early salt-tolerant IR-8 Mutant
p. 0819 | Kaul, M. L. H.; Sharma, K. K.

Two new Disease of ornamental plants:Fusarium rot of Gladiolus and mammalaria species
p. 0821 | Sarbhoy, A. K.; Agarwal, D. K.

Isolation of Bordetella Pertussis from a Public Telephone
p. 0822 | Shukla, N. P.; Rajak, Roop K.; Agarwal, G. P.

Isolation of Sistosterol from sugarcane waste and its bioconversion into add using Arthrobacter Oxydans
p. 0823 | Srivastava, R. A. K.; Srivastava, S. K.; Mathur, S. N.

Distribution of canavanine in some Indian Galegeae (Fabaceae) and its systematic significance
p. 0824 | Rao, C. K.

Costus malortieanus H. Wendl. a new Source for Diosgenin
p. 0825 | Prasad, P. Nagendra; Ammal, E. K. Janaki

Formation of Adventitious and floating roots in cotton under waterlogged conditions
p. 0826 | Ray, N.; Khaddar, V. K.

Fish productivity in lake Nainital
p. 0828 | Pant, M. C.; Sharma, P. C.; Sharma, A. P.

Lesion-producing nematodes of Musa Paradisiaca-Histopathology and abundance
p. 0829 | Sudha, S.; Prabhoo, N. R.

Effect of Dimethioate on cholinesterase activity in the organs of a Teleost H. Fossilis
p. 0832 | Awasthi, Mohini; Dubale, M. S.

Occurence of Eurydendroid cells in the Metencephalon of Notopterus Chitala (Ham)
p. 0833 | Goel, H. R.

Long-term effect of bilateral vasectomy on Haematological measures in langur monkeys
p. 0834 | Lohiya, N. K.; Tiwari, S. N.

p. 0835

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