Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1983
Research Articles
Early Evolution of the Universe and the Primordial Nucleosynthesis
p. 1161 | Rana, N. C.

p. 1168

Research Articles
Quaternary Ammonium salts of potential biological activity
p. 1169 | Badawi, A. M.; El-marzibani, M. M.; Haroun, B.; Soliman, H.

Macroscopic description of the strength of composite laminates
p. 1171 | Balasubramanian, N.

A Review of the taxonomic position of Miniopterus based on embryological characters
p. 1176 | Gopalakrishnan, A.; Chari, G. C.

From the archives
Current Science- 50 years ago
p. 1181

Short communications
Effect of electroststic field on blood glucose, liver glycogen and cholesterol levels in Rats
p. 1183 | Reddy, S. S.; Raghukumar, V.

Photopolymerization of N, N'-methylene bisacrylamide by Potassium trisoxalatocobaltate (III)
p. 1184 | Tajuddin, I.; Anwaruddin, Q.

An improved synthesis of chalcones using triethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (TEBA)
p. 1185 | Pinkey; Jain, P. K.; Grover, S. K.

Spectrophotometric determination of Zirconium as molybdoarsenozirconic acid
p. 1188 | Ramakrishnan, T. V.; Subramanian, M. S.

Cerium (IV) induced one pot synthesis of 2,4-dihydroxy-3-nitro acetophenone - A model for biomimetic aromatic hydroxylations
p. 1189 | Chawla, H. Mohindra; Mittal, Ram S.

Kinetics of aquation of bromopenta-ammineconalt(III) perchlorate in dicarboxylate solutions containing 10% ethanol at 40 deg celcius
p. 1190 | Amira, M. F.; Abdel-halim, F. M.; Ismail, N. H.; Elsemongy, M. M.

Significance of albite rims around felspars in the migmatites of Sarahan Bushair area, Himachal Pradesh, India
p. 1192 | Singh, K. P.

Note on the occurence of Dinosaurian fossil eggs from Infratrappean in Kheda district, Gujarat
p. 1194 | Mohabey, D. M.

Genus Radiococcus Schmidle (Chlorococcales) from India
p. 1195 | Singh, S. P.; Sengar, M.; Pandey, D. C.

Toxin production by Pestalotia palmarum
p. 1195 | Ramanujam, M. P.

Effects of NIA 23509, a juvenile hormone analogue on Dysdercus cingulatus (red Cotton Bug)
p. 1196 | Singhamony, S.; Anees, I.; Osmani, Z.

Regeneration of a tree- Leucosceptrum canum Sm. through meristem culture
p. 1198 | Pal, Amita

Occurence of Algae in the aerial biomass at Bareilly (India) and its bearing on human Allergy
p. 1199 | Nair, P. K. K.; Kumar, Sudershan; Pande, B. N.

Fresh water Turtles as strong predators of Water Hyacinth
p. 1201 | Tonapi, G. T.; Varghese, George

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