Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 04: 20 Feb, 1984
Special Section
Emerging concepts and trends in geomorphology
p. 0175 | Vaidyanathan, R.

p. 0179

Special Section
Visualization of flow past a sphere near its critical Renolds number
p. 0180 | Arakeri, Vijay H; Ram, H. S. Govinda

In vitro responses of black pepper (Piper nigrum)
p. 0183 | Mathews, V. Helena; Rao, P. S.

Isolation and characterisation of small plasmids from Rhizobium meliloti
p. 0186 | Sen, Sukanta K.; Notani, N. K.

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0189

p. 0190

Short communications
A new semi-stabilized fluorinated ylid: p-fluorobenzylidene triphenyl-phosphorane
p. 0191 | Gupta, K. C; Nigam, R. K; Srivastava, Nirupama

The role of surface excess oxygen in the catalytic dehydrogenation of 2-propanol on ZnCrFeO4 spinel
p. 0193 | Balasubramanian, K; Kuriacose, J. C.

Photocyclization of 2'-hydroxy-3' bromo-5' methylchalcone
p. 0194 | Dubey, G. C; Gandhi, P. B; Jain, Shubha; Bokadia, M. M.

Kinetics and mechanism of the chlorination of 2-methyl phenol by sodium N-chloro-benzenesulphonamide in hydrochloric acid medium
p. 0195 | Usha, B. N; Yathirajan, H. S

Interaction of Na+, K+, Ca+2 and Mg+2 with D-mannose and D-glucose in aqueous solution - ultrasonic study
p. 0197 | Puri, A. K; Shukla, Aparna

Bacteriophage burst size as a function of multiplicity of infection
p. 0198 | Patel, I. R; Rao, K. K.

Comments on estimation of sulphate reducing bacteria in seawater
p. 0200 | Srivastava, R. B; Karande, A. A

Note on more additions to the natural enemy complex of Spodoptera litura F. and Myzus persicae Sulz on tobacco in Andhra Pradesh
p. 0201 | Rao, R. S. N; Satyanarayana, S. V. V

Amtaspora, a new pteridophytic spore genus recovered from the Subathu Formation of Himachal Pradesh
p. 0202 | Sarkar, Samir; Singh, H. P

A new species of Pseudocercospora on Bhelu (Tetrameles nudiflora R. Br. )
p. 0204 | Shukla, A. N; Sarmah, P. C

Cylindrocarpon uniseptatum sp. nov. --a new fungus from India
p. 0205 | Chowdhry, P. N; Kaushal, K. K

Host-parasite relationship: posthelmith infection muscle protein changes in bat, Hipposideros speoris
p. 0207 | Swamy, N. Shivakumara; Reddy, P. Mohan; Kameswari, M

Association of temperature with establishment and survival of pseudophyllidean cestodes in hill-stream fish
p. 0208 | Sandeep, R. S. Chauhanand; Malhotra, K

Presence of secretory cyst in the pituitary of the Indian wall lizard Hemidactylus flaviviridis (Ruppell)
p. 0209 | Haider, Shamim

Effect of honey on the growth of vero cells
p. 0211 | Gogate, S. S

Effect of ethyl-methane sulphonate on tissue culture of garlic (Allium sativum L)
p. 0212 | Malpathak, N. P; David, S. B

Non-selective inhibition of pollen germination by stigmatic exudates of Chlorophytum and Dipcadi species (Liliaceae)
p. 0214 | Namboodiri, A. N; Bhaskar, Meera S

New rusts on the genus Populus
p. 0215 | Bagyanarayana, G; Ramachar, P

Chlorflurenol-induced leaf aberration in Cicer arietinum L.
p. 0216 | Jaiwal, Pawan K; Bhambie, S

Effects of indole acetic acid and gibberellic acid on the akinete formation of Pithophora oedogonia (Mont. ) Wittrock
p. 0217 | Agrawal, S. C

Occurrence of bacteriophages in the Ganga
p. 0218 | Mukherjee, M. K; Dhar, A; Sen, M

Tip rot and leaf blight--a new fungal disease of jute from West Bengal
p. 0219 | Bandopadhyay, A. K; Som, D

p. 0220

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