Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 16: 20 Aug, 1984
Special Section
Energy balance models of climate--A review
p. 0829 | Asnani, G. C.

p. 0838

Special Section
Unique force fields of some XY6 type ions
p. 0839 | Gopinath, C. R; Rao, K. S. Raghavendra; Vishwanath, J.

p. 0841

Special Section
Scope of monoclonal antibody technology in oncology
p. 0842 | Hazra, D. K; Dass, Sahab

p. 0846

Special Section
Multiple species of thionucleosides in ragi (Eleusine coracana) tRNA
p. 0847 | Raviprakash, K. S; Cherayil, Joseph D

p. 0851

Special Section
Immunological studies with egg adapted infectious bursal disease virus
p. 0852 | Kulkarni, A. B; Paranjpe, V. L; Sardeshpande, P. D; Ajinkya, S. M

p. 0854

Historical Notes
Current Science - 50 years ago
p. 0855

p. 0856

Short communications
Light scattering investigations of Cs2 ZnCl4 at high temperatures
p. 0857 | Moorthy, A. G. K; Sekhar, P. Chandra; Bhatnagar, A. K.

Monothio-β-diketone derivatives of indium, germanium and tin
p. 0858 | Sreelatha, C. H; Gupta, V. D.

Occurrence of growth rings on the hard parts of Schizothorax curvifrons Heckel.
p. 0860 | Sunder, Shyam; Subla, B. A

Soil fungi antagonistic to plant pathogens
p. 0862 | Khetmalas, M. B; Hasabnis, S. N; Sardeshpande, J. S; Diwakar, M. P

New rusts on the genus Populus-II
p. 0863 | Bagyanarayana, G; Ramachar, P

A 45 chromosome variety of Hippeastrum hybrid
p. 0865 | Karihaloo, J. L.

Floral anatomy of Tetratheca efoliata Fvm. (Tremandraceae)
p. 0866 | Suvartha, C; Satyavathi, M; Narayana, L. L

Anther culture for production of pollen haploids in Tropaeolum majus Linn.
p. 0867 | Dorle, U. P; Kulkarni, A. R.

Levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc during the embryonic development of Cyprinus carpio
p. 0868 | Chetty, S. R; Agarwal, S. M.

Some new records of fungi causing turmeric rhizome rot
p. 0869 | Sharma, M. P; Roy, A. N.

Endosperm in Hyoscyamus niger L.
p. 0870 | Sharma, R. C; Raghuvanshi, R. K; Singh, Dalbir

A new sorghum genotype as source of stable resistance to downy mildew
p. 0873 | Anahosur, K. H; Patil, S. H; Naik, S. T

Waitea circinata - A new fungus causing sheath blight on rice
p. 0874 | Narayanaswamy, T; Rao, A. Venkata

Regeneration of tea shoots from nodal explants in tissue culture
p. 0874 | Phukan, Mina Kumari; Borthakur, nee; Mitra, G. C.

A new species of Phaeoisariopsis Fabr.
p. 0876 | Singh, Anil K; Singh, S. K.

A new species of Cercosporidium from India
p. 0877 | Soni, K. K; Dadwal, V. S

Spirulina meneghiniana Zanard ex Gomant var. crassa var. nov. from West Bengal
p. 0878 | Mukherjee, Devapriya

Nuclear alignment and fusion in regenerating muscle fibres of mice injected with xylotox
p. 0878 | Katoch, S. S; Vaidya, H. V

Further contributions on fascination in Casuarina equisetifolia Forst.
p. 0879 | Gopal, V; Ravignanam, T; Rajendran, J; Lakshmanan, K. K

Inhibition of neurosecretory activity by ecdysone in the blister beetle Mylabris pustulata Thunb.
p. 0881 | Kamalakannan, D. R; Jeyachandran, K. P. S.

Mass mortality of Modiolus metcalfei (Hanley) (Bivalvia : Mytilidae) in Cuddalore back waters
p. 0883 | Sampath, P; Kasinathan, R.

On a new nematode Paraheterakis chauihani n. sp. from the intestine of Funambulus sp. at Meerut district, India
p. 0884 | Pandey, K. C; Rajavanshi, Sneh Lata

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