Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1984
Special Section
Spin-glass: A new challenge in statistical physics (
p. 0887 | Kumar, Deepak

p. 0896

Special Section
Synthesis of substituted tetrazoles as potential biodynamics agents
p. 0897 | Sengupta, Anil K; Rastogi, Anita; Bhattacharya, Tapas

p. 0900

Special Section
The distribution of fishes in the global mangroves
p. 0901 | Krishnamurthy, K; Jeyaseelan, M. J. Prince; Ali, M. A. Sultan

p. 0906

Special Section
Effect of gonadotropins on the steroidogenic cells in the ovary of the catfish, Clarias batrachus (Linn. )
p. 0907 | Tikare, D. K; Nadkarni, V. B.

p. 0910

Historical Notes
Current Science - 50 years ago
p. 0911

p. 0912

Short communications
Diffusion tensor of a plasma
p. 0913 | Midha, J. M.

Mutual correlation factor in binary mixtures of alcohols and toluene
p. 0913 | Swain, B. B.

Extractive spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of palladium with benzyldimethylphenylammonium
p. 0915 | Bayan, K. C; Das, H. K.

A note on the antiinflammatory of bergenin
p. 0917 | Swarnalakshmni, T; Sethuraman, M. G; Sulochana, N; Arivudainambi, R

Isolation of phytosterols from sugarcane press mud and microbial conversion of the phytoseterols to 17-ketosteroids
p. 0917 | Goswami, P. C; Singh, H. D; Baruah, J. N

Neutral invertase as a stable parameter for assessing drought tolerance in sugarcane
p. 0920 | Singh, N. B; Singh, R. G.

Response of Indian desert gerbills (Meriones hurrianae, Jerdon) to internal β-irradiation
p. 0921 | Gupta, N. K

Gamma radiation-induced chromosome damage in barley seeds restored by gibberllic acid
p. 0923 | Meherchandani, N; Vasudeva, Manjula

Discovery of emmer wheat and fenugreek from India
p. 0925 | Saraswat, K. S.

Fate of 14C-carbofuran in a flooded acid sulphate saline soil
p. 0925 | Venkateswarlu, K; Sethunathan, N.

Post-infection changes in ascorbic acid contents of mango and amla caused by two fruit- rot fungi
p. 0927 | Reddy, S. M; Laxminarayana, P.

Induced pistilody in Turnera subulata
p. 0928 | Swamy, N. Rama; Bahadur, Bir

Reaction of mixed races of Xanthomonas compestris pv. Malvacearum (E. F. Smith) dye
p. 0930 | Verma, J. P; Borkar, S. G

A note on the fruit body production of Tricholoma giganteum Massee
p. 0931 | Dadwal, V. S

Significance of lipid peroxidation in liver injury after heavy metal poisoning in rats
p. 0933 | Rana, S. V. S; Kumar, Ajay

Effect of dimecron, Roger and Cuman L. on AChE and phosphatases in freshwater mussel, Lamellidens marginalis (Lamarck)
p. 0935 | Babu, K. V. K. Vijayendra; Vasudev, T.

A cytological note on the possible mode of origin of Atherigona orientalis Schn. from Musca domestica L.
p. 0936 | Kaur, Pushpindar

p. 0939

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