Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 19: 05 Oct, 1984
Special Section
Atmospheric tidal oscillations - Part II - Diurnal variation of pressure over India
p. 1007 | Ananthakrishnan, R; Aralikatti, S. S; Maliekal, J. A.

p. 1016

Special Section
International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD)
p. 1017

Structure of the dipotassium glucose 1-phosphate dihydrate C6H11O9P2-. 2K+. 2H2O
p. 1018 | Narendra, N; Viswamitra, M. A

Newer 99m Tc radiopharmaceuticals using bifunctional chelates and their possible biomedical applications
p. 1021 | Dass, Sahab; Hazra, D. K; Chaturvedi, G. K

p. 1024

Special Section
Solvent steric effect due to alkyl substitution
p. 1025 | Jessy, J. N.

Inhibition of stomatal opening by DL-glyceraldehyde, an inhibitor of Calvin cycle
p. 1027 | Mannan, R. Mannar; Bose, Salil

p. 1029

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 1030

Special Section
Effect of amide group ligands and their metal complexes on parthogenic fungi
p. 1032 | Ravindar, V; Lingaiah, P.

Chemical examination of the bark of Ficus hispida Linn.
p. 1034 | Acharya, B. M; Kumar, K. Akshaya

A technique for preservation of microbial cultures suitable for small quality control laboratories
p. 1035 | Pradhan, A; Majumdar, M. K.

Modification of sex expression in mulberry by colchicine
p. 1036 | Dwivedi, N. K; Sikdar, A.; Dandin, S. B; Sastry, C. R.

Oncolites from the Delhi Supergroup
p. 1037 | Singh, S. P; Ravindra, R.

A laboratory technique for testing efficacy of some nematicides againist rice root nematode
p. 1039 | Sharma, N. N; Edward, J. C; Agnihothrudu, V

Egg adaptation of infectious Bursal disease virus
p. 1040 | Kulkarni, A. B; Paranjpe, V. L; Sardeshpande, P. D; Ajinkya, S. M.

A new record of Diaphanosoma seneganensis,/em> Gauthier, 1951 (Cladocera, Sididae) from Madurai, South India
p. 1041 | Venkatraman, K; Krishnaswamy, S

Regulation of gladiolus vase life by kinetin
p. 1043 | Pandey, R. N; Mishra, S. D; Gaur, B. K

Cuticular pattern of some burrowing and nonburrowing marine isopods
p. 1044 | Vallabhan, D. Leela

Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) - A new record on chilli in India
p. 1045 | Bidari,, V. B; Reddy, H

A new Downy mildew of Heteropogon contortus - threat to maize crop
p. 1046 | Prabhu, M. Satish Chandra; Safeeulla,, K. M; Shetty, H. S

Some taxa of Pleurotaenium Naegeli and Staurastrum Meyen new to Indian flora
p. 1048 | Prasad, B. N; Mishra, P. K

Alachlor toxicity to a freshwater teleost Clarias batrachus
p. 1050 | Goel, K. A; Sandhya, Kalpana; Agarwal, V. P

p. 1052

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
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