Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 54 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1985
Research Articles
Molecular biology and biotechnology of cyanobacterial nitrogen fixation
p. 0493 | Venkataraman, G. S.

p. 0498

Research Articles
Mictic and amicitic modes of reproduction in the rotifer Brachionus Patulus Mueller
p. 0499 | Rao, T. Ramakrishna; Sarma, S. S. S.

p. 0501

Short communications
Excess thermodynamic functions of mixing in binary mixtures of alcohols and tolune
p. 0504 | Swain, B. B.

Mutual diffusion coefficients of binary liquid mixtures
p. 0506 | Aminabhavi, T. M.; Balundgi, R. H.; Patel, R. C.

A novel spray reagent for chromatographic detection of trichothecene toxins
p. 0507 | Rao, G. V.; Rao, P. S.; Girisham, S.; Reddy, S. M.

Stigmata-5,22-diene-3b-O-b-D-glucopyranoside-A new saponin from the roots of Sapium insigne
p. 0509 | Saxena, Meera; Srivastava, S. K.

Clastic dyke and the associated zeolite veins in Talchir deposits, Sarguja district, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0510 | Rais, S.; Ansari, I. R.; Raza, D.

Isoperoxidase in relation to microspore differentiation in Dioscorea composita
p. 0511 | Bhargava, Rakesh; Koul, Pushpa

Technique for rearing the predatory mirid bug Cyrtorhinus lividipennis (Reut) on Corcyra eggs
p. 0513 | Bentur, J. S.; Kalode, M. B.

A source of morphological resistance to leaf blight disease of rape seed and mustard caused by Alternaria brassicae (Berk) Sacc
p. 0514 | Munde, P. N.; Bhowmik, T. P.

A simple technique for Rhizobium plant infection test
p. 0515 | Udayasuriyan, V.; Prabakaran, J.; Oblisami, G.

Optic lobes in the silverfish
p. 0516 | Sharma, S. P.; Kaur, Moninder

Megachromosomes in paphiopedilum villosum (Orchidaceae)
p. 0518 | Sehgal, R. N.; Mehra, P. N.

Double interchange heterozygote among the nullisomics of Coix gigantea Koen ex Roxb
p. 0519 | Barve, S. S.; Sapre, A. B.

Historical changes during the development stages of Chara vulgaris Linn
p. 0521 | Kumar, C. P. Sukes

Polymorphic multi-microcytes in Jasminum pubescens Wild
p. 0523 | Bhargava, Y. R.

Giant stomata in some members of the genus Ixora L (Rubiaceae)
p. 0524 | Hussain, Tariq; Paul, S. R.

Embryo sac haustoria in Echinops echinatus DC
p. 0524 | Devi, H. Maheswari; Padma, N.

A potent systemic inhibitor of plant virus infection from Aerva sanuguinolenta Blume
p. 0526 | Verma, H. N.; Srivastava, Alka

A new genus and species of fern infesting thrips (Thysanoptera:insecta) with further notes on Myceterothrips nilgiriensis (Anan. )
p. 0528 | Daniel, A. Mohan

Acid phosphate activity in the testis of the Eri silkworm: Philosamia ricini(Hutt. )-A histochemical study
p. 0530 | Hurkadli, H. K.; Hooli, M. A.; Nadkarni, V. B.

Succinate-dehydrogenase in the tissues of albino rats infected with Trypanosoma evansi
p. 0532 | Damayanthi

p. 0533

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