Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 54 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1985
Research Articles
Advances in the genetics of industrial microorganisms
p. 1149 | Malik, Vedpal Singh

p. 1158

Research Articles
Synthesis and anticonnvulsant activity of some new N-[p-(substituted benzamido) benzoyl] hydrazones
p. 1159 | Hussain, M. Imtiaz; Amir, Mohd.

Synthesis of 6,8-disubstituted-2-methyl/phenyl-3-[4-(3-pthalamido acetamide/propion-amido)] phenyl-quinazolin-4-ones as anthelmintic agents
p. 1162 | Shukla, J. S.; Srivastava, Beena

p. 1164

Research Articles
Spectral study on barbituric and thiobarbituric acids
p. 1165 | Hasanein, A. A.; Masoud, M. S.; Heiba, A. M.

Secondary silicification of rhyolites from the focal peak shield volcano, Australia
p. 1168 | Ross, J. A.

p. 1171

From the archives
Current Science-50 years ago
p. 1172

Short communications
Sulphamic acid in zwitterion-An ab initio SCF MO study
p. 1174 | Kaliannan, P.; Vishveswara, S.; Rao, V. S. R.

A typical physiochemical properties of cyanogen bromide fragments of human serum albumin
p. 1176 | Khan, M. Yashiya; Sagar, Renu

Studies on diamagnetic susceptibility of biologically important heterocycles: Diamagnetic Susceptibilities of phenothiazine sulphones
p. 1178 | Gupta, R. R.; Kumar, M.; Kumar, Rakesh

Phenolic constituents of Thuja orientalis
p. 1180 | Khabir, M.; Khatoon, Fehmeeda; Ansari, W. H.

Response of Tolypothrix ceylonica to sodium stress
p. 1181 | Roychoudhury, P.; Kaushik, B. D.; Venkataraman, G. S.

Effect of cyclic-AMP on catabolite repression of cellulase complex of Penicillium islandicum
p. 1183 | Prabhakaran, K.; Dube, H. C.

Occurrence of scab of wheat in the Nilgiris hills
p. 1184 | Brahma, R. N.; Singh, S. D.

A new species of Ascochyta on Lagerstroemia
p. 1185 | Chowdhury, P. N.; Gupta, Durga

Partenium hysterophorus L-A substrate for raising Pleurotus sajor caju mushroom
p. 1186 | Das, T. K.; Sarmah, M. K.; Sarmah, R.

Utilization of the diazotroph, Azospirillum for inducing rooting in pepper cuttings (Piper nigrum L)
p. 1186 | Govindam, M.; Chandy, K. C.

A note on the sexuality and monosporous fruiting of Trametes rigida Berk
p. 1188 | Dutta, S.; Roy, Anjali

A new approach to papaya propagation
p. 1189 | Singh, R. N.; Rao, O. P.; Singh, Gorakh

The occurrence of mixed infection of viruses in Spodeptera litura F
p. 1190 | Narayanan, K.

Sexual dimorphism in the ponyfish, Leiognathus bindus (Val)
p. 1191 | Jayabalan, N.; Ramamoorthi, K.

Extracellular polysaccharides in Turbinaria conoides: Structure and ultrastructure
p. 1192 | Sokhi, Gunwant; Vijayaraghavan, M. R.

A new mycoplasma disease in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L)
p. 1193 | Muthusamy, M.; Subramanian, N.

Twins and triplets in Machilus bombycina King (Lauraceae)
p. 1194 | Isa, Md.; Devnath, M.; Thangavelu, K.

Infertility study and oxidase test of Duportella tristicula (B & Br) Reinking
p. 1195 | De, A. B.

Uterine changes in rat following administration of crude extract of Pueraria tuberosa Dc.
p. 1197 | Saxena, Vinita; Mathur, R.; Prakash, A. O.

Bromo benzodiazaboroles
p. 1199 | Kanabur, V. V.; Dandegaonker, S. H.

On the flank (Musk) gland of the house Shrew, Suncus Murinus blanfordi (Anderson)
p. 1200 | Ranade, R. V.; Joshi, P. V.

p. 1202

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