Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 18: 20 Sep, 1986
Special Section
Chemistry in Cavities
p. 0875 | Syamala, M. S; Reddy, G. Dasaratha; Rao, B. Nageswara; Ramamurthy, V

p. 0886

Special Section
Photoelecton and Absorption Spectra of TiCl 4 and VCl 4 from the Arcana Method
p. 0887 | Hasanein, A. A; Makhyoun, M. A

p. 0890

Special Section
Heterocycles from Carbohydrate Precursors, Synthesis of Some Fused Nitrogen Tri-and Pentaheterocycles from Kojic Acid
p. 0891 | Ashry, E. S. H. El; Kilany, Y. El; Mousaad, A.

A Geobotanical Aspect of the Tirumala Hill Range Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0893 | Prasad, E. A. V; Gupta, M. Jayarama; Sankaranna, G.; Raghu, V

p. 0895

Special Section
Gabbroic Anorthosites from Kotagiri, Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu
p. 0896 | Srikantappa, C; Ashamanjari, K. G; Janardhan, A. S.

p. 0898

Special Section
Protective Effect of Liv-52 Against Beryllium Toxicity in Rats
p. 0899 | Mathur, Seema; Prakash, A. O; Mathur, R.

p. 0901

Special Section
Laboratory Evaluation of Penfluron and Furyltraizine, The Insect Growth Regulators, Against Anopheles Stephensi
p. 0902 | Saxena, S. C; Kaushik, R. K.

Record of Saharidia, Combaz, A Late Cambrian-Tremadocian Index Fossil from Krol-E Beds of Mussoorie Syncline, India
p. 0906 | Prasad, Bijai; Maithy, P. K

p. 0909

Short communications
Climatic Significance of D/H Ratios of a Temperate Glacier in Sikkim
p. 0910 | Nijampurkar, V. N; Bhandari, N; Ramesh, R; Bhattacharya, S. K

Low-Level Winds Over the Western Indian Ocean as Observed by Indian Ocean Satellite (Goes) During the Summer Monex of 1979
p. 0912 | Mahajan, P. N; Mujumdar, V. R; Ghanekar, S. P

Development of Knockdown Resistance [KDR] Against Fenvalerate in a DDT -- Resistant Strain of Anopheles Stephensi
p. 0914 | Verma, K. V. S; Rahman, S. J

Effect of Vicolide B on Male Sex Organs of Albinao Rats
p. 0916 | Susan, T; Alam, Muzaffer; Purushothaman, K. K

Chemical Constituents of Convolvulus Microphyllus
p. 0917 | Chowdhary, M. R; Kapoor, R. C.

Crystal Data and Conductance Study of NiCuNbO 4
p. 0919 | Tare, M. P; Tare, S. M

Organic Reactive Intermediates: X. Preparation of Aromatic Cation Radicals by the use of DDQ in Trifluoroacetic Acid/Dichloromethane Solvent System
p. 0920 | Handoo, K. L; Gardu, K

Polymer Supported Periodate: Convenient Method for Oxidation of Hydrazides
p. 0922 | Salunkhe, D. G; Jagdale, M. H; Swami, S. S; Salunkhe,, M. M

Optical Properties of Leaves of Some Indian Plants
p. 0923 | Lee, D. W; Pai, M. U.; Farooq, Mohd; Sen, D. N.

A Rapid Method for Preparation of Protoplasts of Rhodotorula Glutinis
p. 0926 | Nayak, K. K; Padbidri, A. Y; Hirlekar, M. G; Pandey, N. K.

A Method for Isolation of Thermophilic Actinomycetes
p. 0927 | Paknikar, K. M; Agate, A. D.

Influence of Desiccation Stress in a Xerophilic Thermophile Humicola SP
p. 0928 | Mahajan, M. K; Johri, B. N; Gupta, R. K.

Helmet Development in Daphnia Cephalata King Under Laboratory Conditions
p. 0930 | Manimegalai, S; Venkataraman, K; Krishnaswamy, S

Effect of pH on Hormogone Formation
p. 0931 | Mehrotra, R. K; Srivastava, M. N; Jaitly, Y. C

Structure and Histochemistry of Raphide Idioblasts in Apostasia Wallichii (R. Br)
p. 0932 | Jain, Sangeeta; Gupta, Veena; Vijayaraghavan, M. R.

Fungi Associated with the Roots of Herbaceous Plants
p. 0934 | Ardey, J; Mukerji, K. G

A New Record of Weewil Gall on Ammania Rotala CL (Lythraceae)
p. 0935 | Jayaraman, P

Survey of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in Mangrove Vegetation
p. 0936 | Mohankumar, V; Mahadevan, A.

Weed Seed Inviability Caused by Post-Emergence Herbicides
p. 0937 | Kasera, P. K; Sen, D. N

Endosperm in Hydrolea Zeylanica Vahl (Hydrophyllaceae)--A Reinvestigation
p. 0938 | Urs, H. G. Vijay Gopalraj

Occurrence of Antheraea Mylitta Drury (Lepidopterra: Saturniidae ) in North Eastern India: Distributional Significance
p. 0940 | Thangavelu, K; Barah, A.

Head Rot of Cabbage Caused by Rhizoctonia Solani Kuhn
p. 0941 | Gupta, D. K; Chaudhary, K. C. Basu

Effect of Culture Filtrate of Alternaria Porri on Seed Germination and Seedling Vigour of Onion
p. 0941 | Gupta, R. B. L; Verma, O. P; Pathak, V. N

Modified C and QF Chromosome Banding for Arachis L Chromosomes
p. 0942 | Singh, A. K; Venkateshwar, A; Rau, T. P. S.; Moss, J. P.

p. 0944

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