Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 23: 05 Dec, 1986
Special Section
Raman Spectral Studies on the Structure of Acetonitrile and its Solutions with Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes
p. 1157 | Sastry, M. I. S; Singh, Surajit

p. 1166

Special Section
Synthesis of New Barbituric Acid Derivatives and their Antiviral and Anti-Ammatory Evaluations
p. 1167 | Misra, V. S; Srivastava, Neeru; Verma, H. N; Khan, M. M. Abid Ali

p. 1171

Special Section
Study of proteins Secreted by Growing ,em>Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
p. 1172 | Pandey, Narendra K; Effler, William T; Park, Don-hee; Tanner, Robert D; Malaney, George W

p. 1175

Special Section
Aspartokinase of Lysine Excreting and Non-Excreting Strain of Bacillus Megaterium
p. 1176 | Chatterjee, Manika

p. 1179

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 Years Ago
p. 1180

p. 1182

Science News
Science News
p. 1183

Short communications
Inheritance of Sequential Flowering Pattern in the Mutants of Groundnut Cultivar Robut 33-1
p. 1185 | Mouli, Chandra; Kale, D. M; Patil, S. H

Antigonadotrophic Activity of Vicolide B in Albino Rats
p. 1187 | Susan, T; Alam, Muzaffer; Purushothaman, K. K

Crystal Data of Sodium-Potassium and Rubidium Pictrate Complexes of Tetra Ethylene Glycol, Bis Quinoline Ether
p. 1189 | Prabhakar, S; Bhagwat, V. W.

Occurrence of Nepheline Syenites within the Pasupugallu Gabbro-Anorthosite pluton, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 1190 | Reddy, Y. Jyothender; Leelanandam, C.

Thermoelectric power of Thallium up to 6 GPa
p. 1191 | Ramani, Geetha; Singh, A. K

Nitrogenase Derepressed Mutants in Azospirillum
p. 1192 | Purushothaman, D; Chandramohan, S; Oblisami, G

Ulcerative Form of Aeromonas Hydrophila Infection of Catla Catla
p. 1194 | Karunasagar, Indrani; Ali, P. K. M. Manzoor; Jeyasekaran, G; Karunasagar, I

Crinkle Mosaic and Enation Leafcurl of Poinsettias--Two Hitherto Unknown Diseases (
p. 1195 | Nath, S; Paul, S. M; Mandahar, C. L; Komal, H. S

Effect of Phenazine Methosulphate on Colour Development in Nitrate Reductase Assay in Rice Seedlings ( ,em>Oryza Sativa L)
p. 1198 | Amer, G. A.; Subramanian, D

Pterophyllum Medlicottianum from the Gangapur Formation of Andhra Pradesh
p. 1199 | Ramakrishna, H; Rao, G. Muralidhar

Chromosome Number of Coix Aquatica Roxb
p. 1200 | Christopher, J; Singh, G. E. Thaya

Disease Reaction of Chickpea Grafthybrids to Fusarium Oxysporum F SP Ciceri Race 1
p. 1201 | Rao, P. K. Ananda; Haware, M. P

Host Rane of Blackeye Cowpea Mosaic Virus
p. 1202 | Sekar, R; Sulochana, C. B

Pleurotus Citrinopileatus--A New Indian Edible Mushroom
p. 1203 | Sivaprakasam, K; Rajan, F. S; Jeyarajan, R

Induced Amphipploids in Mulberry
p. 1203 | Verma, R. C; Sarkar, A; Sarkar, S

Oviposition Attractancy of Some Substituted Esters and the Pheromone Extracted from ECG Rafts against Culex Quinquefasciatus
p. 1205 | George, Nisha; Ramaiah, K.D; Sujatha, C.H; Kalyanasundaram, M.; Das, P. K.

A New Host Record for the Teak Defoliator, Hyblaea Puera (Lepidoptera: Hyblaeidae)
p. 1207 | Mohandas, K

Antagonistic Effect of Phylloplane Micro-Organisms against Cercospora Moricola Cooke
p. 1208 | Sukumar, J; Ramalingam, A

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Book Reviews
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