Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 56 - Issue 07: 05 Apr, 1987
General Articles
A possible mechanism for the recently discovered high Tc superconductors
p. 0291 | Jagadish, R.; Sinha, K. P.

Mathematical theory of scattering in quantum mechanics- a review
p. 0293 | Sinha, K. B.

p. 0297

General Articles
Haemotological changes due to dietary ascorbic acid deficiency at various levels of calcium and phosphorous in rainbow trout
p. 0298 | Akand, A. M.; Sato, M.; Yoshinaka, R.; Ikeda, S.

p. 0301

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0302

Short communications
Varietal screening of some cereals against aflatoxin elaboration
p. 0304 | Prasad, T.; Jeswal, Punam

Aspleniumsporites Trivedii gen et sp nov from the Neyveii lignite of South India
p. 0305 | Srivastava, R. K.

Pseudolachnea longiciliata (Hino and Katumotto) Sutton - A new record for India
p. 0306 | Kalaivani, J. Muthumary (alias)

Asparaginase production by some bacteria
p. 0307 | Reddy, V. Krishna; Reddy, S. M.

Branching development of the blue-green alga Mastigocladus laminosus Cohn at different pH levels
p. 0308 | Sahu, Jayanti; Adhikary, S. P.

Strobilurus stephanocystis (Hora) Singer - A new record from India
p. 0309 | Upadhyay, R. C.; Sohi, H. S.

Introduction and establishment of Zygogramma bicolorata on Parthenium hysterophorus at Bangalore, India
p. 0310 | Jayanth, K. P.

A natural variant bearing pods on the root-hypocotyl transitional zone in groundnut
p. 0311 | Basu, M. S.; Reddy, P. S.

New record of larval parasite, Friona sp (Gelinae : Ichneumonidae) on cardamom shoot borer, Dichocrocis punctiferalis Guen (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera)
p. 0312 | Varadasan, S.

White cane rot -A new disease of Ramie
p. 0312 | Singh, D. P.

On the occurrence of Calamus metzianus Schlecht in Kerala
p. 0313 | Renuka, C.; Bhat, K. M.

Biotoxicity of Excoecaria agallocha L latex on marine organisms
p. 0314 | Kathiresan, K.; Thangam, T. Subramonia

Pangasius Pangasius (Ham) - An addition to the list of air-breathing teleosts
p. 0315 | Thakur, Nirmal K.; Dutta, B. R.; Satpathy, B. B.

Coptarca punctaria (Walker), an unique Indian acridid with chromosomal polymorphism (Order: Orthoptera, Class: Insecta)
p. 0317 | Umadevi, K.; Aswathanarayana, N. V.

Comparative studies on the toxicity of endosulphan in some freshwater fishes under different pH and hardness of water
p. 0318 | Paul, D. K.; Raut, S. K.

Lactic acidosis in different tissues of Sarotherodon mossambicus (Peters) exposed to sevin
p. 0320 | Venkateswaran, P.; Ramaswamy, M.

Effect of Liv-52 on blood sugar in beryllium nitrate-exposed rats
p. 0322 | Mathur, Seema; Prakash, A. O.; Mathur, R.

Effect of human chorionic gonadotrophin on methallibure inhibited spermatogenesis in Rana tigrina during the preparatory period
p. 0325 | Kurian, T.; Saidapur, S. K.

Curly wing mutant in Mansonia uniformis (Diptera: Culcidae)
p. 0327 | Thomas, Cherian; Prasad, R. S.

Ecological affinity of the zooplankton populations in their natural environment
p. 0328 | Sharma, M. P.

Weight and calcium content of egg shell in relation to age of pultry fowl
p. 0329 | Dhanakkodi, B.; Aruchami, M.

On the occurrence of Oochoristica americana Harwood (Cestoda) from India
p. 0330 | Deshmukh, A. L.

Independent and combined action of carbaryl and phenthoate on snake head, Channa punctatus (Bloch)
p. 0331 | Rao, K. R. Sambasiva; Rao, J. Chandrasekhar

A record of a mermithid from maize Borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera)
p. 0332 | Hamid, S.; Aslam, M.

p. 0333

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