Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 57 - Issue 01: 05 Jan, 1988
Research Articles
On defects in biaxial nematic liquid crystals
p. 0001 | Ranganath, G. S.

Decreasing trend in the rainfall of Kerala
p. 0007 | Soman, M. K.; Kumar, K. Krishna; Singh, Nityanand

p. 0012

Research Articles
In Vivo inhibition of rat brain monoamine oxidase by selected pesticides
p. 0013 | Khemani, Sunita; Khemani, L. D.; Pant, M. C.

p. 0016

Research Articles
Transfer of Leaf rust resistance into bread wheat from Triticum timopheevi Zhuk
p. 0017 | Tomar, S. M. S.; Joshi, B. C.; Kochumadhavan, M.; Shrivastava, K. D.

p. 0019

Research Articles
Tissue differentiation and buffer-soluble protein patterns in wheat and triticale
p. 0020 | Bandyopadhyay, S.; Das, J. L.; Ghosh, P. D.

p. 0023

Research Articles
Esterases in Amblypharyngodon mola
p. 0024 | Reddy, T. Mahender; Lakshmipathy, V.

p. 0027

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0028

p. 0029

Short communications
Spectrophotometric Studies on the interaction between laccaic acid and DNA
p. 0030 | Goswami, D. N.; Prasad, K. M.; Prasad, N.

Preliminary studies on the antidiabetic effects of cabbage (Brassia var. Capiata L. ) oil on streptozotocin diabetic rats
p. 0032 | Tarfa, S. P.; Joseph, P. K.; Augusti, K. T.

Additional recent ostracodes from Rajasthan
p. 0033 | Habibnia, B. A.; Mannikeri, M. S.

Fungal pathogens of Meloidogyne javanica egg masses
p. 0035 | Reddy, B. Chenchu; Mani, A.

On the nomenclature of false smut fungus of rice
p. 0035 | Ahuja, S. C.; Payak, M. M.

Occurrence of root grub as a pest of cardamon (Elettaria cardamomum Maton)
p. 0036 | Varadarasan, S.; Kumaresan, D.; Gopakumar, B.

Seed transmission of Blackeye Cowpea mosaic virus in two cowpea varieties
p. 0037 | Sekar, R.; Sulochana, C. B.

Lactarius hygrophoroides Berk. & Curt. an edible wild milky mushroom new to india
p. 0038 | Bhatt, R. P.; Lakhanpal, T. N.

Seedling blight of Hyoscyamus muticus by Pythium butleri in India
p. 0040 | Shukla, R. S.; Kumar, S.; Singh, K. P.; Husain, A.

Glycine on in vitro biosynthesis of nimbin and β-sitosterol in tissues of Azadirachta indica
p. 0040 | Sanyal, Manisha; Mukherji, Anuradha; Datta, P. C.

Two long lost thallose liverworts recollected from Pindari range (Western Himalaya)
p. 0041 | Tewari, S. D.; Bisht, L. S.; Pant, Giribala

Response of pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum) to inoculation with vesiculararbuscular mycorhizae and Azospirillum brasilense with different sources of phosphorous
p. 0043 | Tilak, K. V. B. R.; Singh, C. S.

A new and cheaper technique for rapid multiplication of Arthrobotrys conoides and its potential as a bio-mematicide in mushroom culture
p. 0044 | Grewal, P. S.; Sohi, H. S.

Proline accumulation in rice leaves as a consequence of senescence
p. 0046 | Mohanty, S. K.; Parida, Tarulata; Sridhar, R.

Melanagromyza obtusa--A suitable system for the study of polytene chromosomes (48) | Short Communications
p. 0048 | Singh, O. P.

Occurrence of a bud blight disease of mulberry caused by Fusarium lateritium F. SP. mori Type-A in India--A new report
p. 0049 | Sukumar, J.; Yadav, B. R. Dayakar

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0051

Science News
p. 0057 | Reddy, Gala Ramesh

Short communications
Torreyites sitholeyi, Anew record from the Gangapur Formation of Andhra Pradesh
p. 0203 | Rao, G. Muralidhar; Ramakrishna, H.

A new leaf spot and fruit rot of papaya caused by Myrothecium roridum Tode Fries
p. 1345 | Mohan, S.; Lakshmanan, P.; Jeyarajan, R.

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