Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 57 - Issue 08: 20 Apr, 1988
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Science News
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Research Articles
Abrogation of helper T cells by dengue virus-induced cytotoxic factor
p. 0411 | Khanna, Madhu; Chaturvedi, U. C.; Mathur, Asha

p. 0414

Research Articles
Carbaryl toxicity in germinating seeds of Vigna sinensis: Effects of gibberellic acid supplementation
p. 0415 | Sengupta, P. K.; Chakrabarti, A.; Banerjee, S. K.

p. 0417

Research Articles
Assessment of vegetation cover in Karnataka
p. 0418 | Sinha, Madhulika

Annual cycle heat transport in North Indian Ocean
p. 0422 | Varma, K. K.

p. 0424

Short communications
A new formula for spherical mirrors and thin lenses
p. 0425 | Narayanan, V. Anantha

Synthesis of some new 3-cyclohexylthiosemicarbazono-2-indolinones as anti-bacterial agents
p. 0425 | Singh, S. P.

Kinetics of polymerization of acrylamide initiated by Mn3+-L-Threonine redox system
p. 0428 | Balakrishnan, T.; Subbu, S.; Shabeer, T. K.

A new isolate of Plasmodium falciparum and its chloropuine sensitivity
p. 0430 | Kaushal, D. C.

Redifferentiation of NaCl tolerant sugarcane plants from callus derived resistant lines
p. 0432 | Naik, G. R.; Babu, K. Harinath

Effect of storage temperature on vitamin C content of mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)
p. 0434 | Rai, R. D.; Saxena, Sanjeev

A note on spontaneous mixoploid in Capsicum
p. 0435 | Prakash, N. S.; Lakshmi, N.; Harini, I.

Plastid mutations induced in red pepper by nitrosomethyl urea
p. 0436 | Rajam, M. V.

Inheritance of small leaf and crinkled leaf nature of blackgram (Vigna Mungo (L. ) Hepper)
p. 0438 | Muralidharan, V.; Rangasamy, S. R. Sree; Rathnasamy, R.

Quantitative estimation of rutin in Rauvolfia serpentina Benth. EX Kurz
p. 0439 | Bhardwaj, K. R.

Cytology of Christella multiauriculata Punetha
p. 0439 | Punetha, N.; Sen, Abha

Genotypic differences of in vitro lateral bud establishment and shoot proliferation in papaya
p. 0440 | Bisht, Sandhya

Gossypol affects plant sperms also
p. 0442 | Rangaswamy, N. S.; Subramanyan, Janaki

Structural design of the endosperm of carrot (Daucus carota L. Var. Sativa)
p. 0445 | Menon, A. R. S.; Dave, Yash

Occurrence of hepatiarius bendawesi sp. nov. from Anas poecilorhyncha (Forster) from India
p. 0446 | Sharma, A. K.

Glutamate dehydrogenase activity in normal and aestivated Pila globosa --A possible neuroendocrine regulation
p. 0447 | Reddy, G. Ramesh; Babu, G. R. V.; Chetty, C. S.

Relationship between pineal gland activity and breeding activity in the Indian piedmyna, Sturnus contra contra L.
p. 0449 | Gupta, S. K.

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Science News
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