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Volume 57 - Issue 19:
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Research Articles
Medicine, science and humanism
p. 1037 | Sethi, P. K.

Response to WC3 rotavirus vaccine in colostrum-deprived calf measured by ELISA and virus neutralization by plaque reduction
p. 1046 | Ahmed, Muzahed Uddin; Clark, H. Fred; Mia, Abdus Salam; Fieo, Andrio

p. 1048

Research Articles
Theoretical study on specificity and molecular mechanism of action of calcium ion mediators
p. 1049 | Tiku, Purnima; Kothekar, V.

p. 1058

Research Articles
Photosynthetic rate in nodulating and non-nondulating lines of Archis hypogaea
p. 1059 | Lodha, M. L.; Sharma, N. D.; Arunachalam, V.; Johari, R. P.; Mehta, S. L.

Short communications
Studies on the immuno-serology of Rhinosporidium seeberi
p. 1061 | Sundaram, B. M.; Subramanian, S.

p. 1063

Research Articles
Neuroendocrine regulation of branched-chain aminotransferase activity in freshwater snail, Pila globosa (Swainson)
p. 1064 | Reddy, G. R.; Babu, G. R. V.; Chetty, C. S.

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 1066

p. 1068

Short communications
Compatibility studies of EPDM rubber with the monopropellant hydrazine
p. 1069 | Kumar, G. N. Mohan; Reddy, M. N.; Venkatesh, H. S.; Ram, K. Anantha

Allozyme variation in three Drosophila species of ananassae species sub-group
p. 1071 | Parkash, Ravi

A new disease on arecanut stem caused by Cladosporium spongiosum
p. 1074 | Rao, S. C.

In situ germination of akinetes of Pithophora kewensis Wittr under culture conditions
p. 1075 | Agrawal, S. B.; Chaudhary, B. R.

Embryogeny in Verbascum phlomoides (Scrophulariceae)
p. 1075 | Chandra, Saroj; Singh, R. P.

Heterotic potentials for seed oil in Gossypium arboreum L.
p. 1077 | Singh, Phundan; Narayanan, S. S.

Biochemical characterization of root region soils from areca-based cropping systems
p. 1078 | Nagaraja, K. V.

A modified method of dry-green preservation of betelvine leaves with spots incited by Phytophthora parasitica and Xanthomonas campestris betlicola
p. 1081 | Bhale, M. S.; Nayak, M. L.; Bhale, U.; Mishra, R. P.

Influence of VAM fungus Glomus caledonius on free proline accumulation in water stressed maize
p. 1082 | Ramakrishnan, B.; Johri, B. N.; Gupta, R. K.

Microsporogenesis in Rhizophora lamarckii Montr
p. 1084 | Lakshmanan, K. K.; Poornima, S.

Effects of feeding Trichosanthes dioica whole fruits on blood glucose, serum tri-glyceride, phospholipid, chlesterol and high density lipoprotein-cholesterol levels in the normal albino rabbits
p. 1085 | Sharma, Govind; Pant, M. C.

New records of natural enemies associated with the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens
p. 1087 | Peter, Clement

Amylase and acid phosphatase activities in luminal fluid of rat
p. 1088 | Singh, V. N.; Singh, J. N.

Lethal toxicity of lead nitrate to Tetrahymena pyriformis
p. 1089

p. 1091

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 1092

p. 1097

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