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Volume 57 - Issue 20:
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Bhopal and voluntary action
p. 1099 | Varma, Vijaya Shankar

p. 1102

Research Articles
Observations of atmospheric ozone above Bangalore at 110. 836 GHz
p. 1103 | Vivekanand, M.; Arora, R. S.

Lectin activity in different plant tubers, rhizomes and bulbs
p. 1107 | Shet, M. S.; Madaiah, M.

p. 1110

Research Articles
Effect of heavy metals on micronutrient nutrition of coconut
p. 1111 | Bidappa, C. C.; Khan, H. H.; Joshi, O. P.; Manikandan, P.

Short communications
A preliminary report on the excretion of aluminium in renal failure
p. 1114 | Mohan, S.; Mahadevan, K.; Chandrashekaran, M. S.

Corroborative studies on the highly efficient preparation of 2'-hydroxychalcones using partially dehydrated barium hydroxide catalyst
p. 1114 | Satyanarayana, S.; Krishnamurthy, H. G.

Carbaryl and endosulphan induced alterations in the intestinal α-amyalse activity of Pheretima posthuma
p. 1116 | Gupta, S. K.; Sundararaman, V.

Increased auto-oxidation of L-ascorbate by iron-treated rat tissues
p. 1118 | Rao, N. Ramalingeshwara; Krishnamurthy, S.

Distribution and abundance of benthic dipteran insects in Hooghly estuary, Sagar Island, India
p. 1120 | Ray, Santanu; Choudhury, Amalesh

Contribution of exogenous fertilizer source to phosphorus requirement of Citrus
p. 1122 | Iyengar, B. R. V.; Murthy, S. V. Keshava

New record of Heteropsylla cubana Crawford (Psyllidae : Homoptera) on slubabul, Leucaena leucocephala (LAM) de Wit in India
p. 1124 | Gopalan, M.; Jayaraj, S.; Ariavanam, M.; Pillai, Katha; Rao, P. V. Subba

Amanita fulva Pers--An edible mushroom new to India
p. 1126 | Bhatt, R. P.; Lakhanpal, T. N.

Additional notes on Haplographium heliocephalum
p. 1127 | Dorai, M.; Vittal, B. P. R.

Effect of onion and green gram intercrops on phosphorus release and its uptake by cotton
p. 1128 | Shanmugham, K.

Effect of red and blue radiation on resynthesis of chloroplast pigments in embryos of Dolichos lablab L
p. 1131 | Palanisamy, K.; Vivekanandan, M.

Histopathological studies in the nematode galls of root of Solanum surrattense
p. 1132 | Chaturvedi, R. K.; Sharma, R. J.; Dwivedi, S. N.

Change in ascorbic acid content in tomato fruit inoculated with Aspergillus niger and Drosophila busckii
p. 1134 | Sinha, Purnima; Saxena, S. K.

Isolation of Candida tropicalis from a case of empyema
p. 1135 | Pal, M.

A leaf blight of scented geranium caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz
p. 1136 | Klra, Alok; Parameswaran, T. N.; Ravindra, N. S.

Record of a new hymenopteran parasitoid of Tricholyga bombycis Beck
p. 1137 | Veeranna, G.; Jyothi, H. K.

Vibrio cholerai 01 and non-01 in shrimp vein--A preliminary study to assess any possible incidence
p. 1138 | Varma, P. R. G.; Iyer, T. S. G.; Joseph, M. Agnes; Zacaria, Shajy

Electron microscpic studies on the effect of dehydration-hydration on the corpora allata of the coconut palm beetle Oryctes rhinoceros
p. 1140 | Kannan, S.

Mechanosensory regulation of predator evasion behaviour in the cockroach, Periplaneta americana
p. 1141 | Shekar, V.; Reddy, G. Rajarami

Transport of yellow mite Polyphagotarsonemus latus by cotton whitefly
p. 1142 | Natarajan, K.

p. 1143

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