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Volume 57 - Issue 24:
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Research Articles
Mahatma Gandhi and the working scientist: A reconciliation
p. 1313 | Gandhi, K. S.

Sea level fluctuations of North Konkan with special reference to Sopara
p. 1317 | Ghate, Savitha

p. 1320

Research Articles
Synthesis of insect sex pheromones
p. 1321 | Yadav, J. S.; Reddy, E. Rajarathnam

p. 1330

Research Articles
Estimation of finite population variance
p. 1331 | Singh, H. P.; Upadhyaya, L. N.; Namjoshi, U. D.

Short communications
Observations on Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary and reported iridium enrichment, Khasi Hills, Meghalaya
p. 1335 | Lahiri, T. C.; Sen, M. K.; Raychaudhuri, A. K.; Acharyya, S. K.

Incidence of toxigenic aspergillus flavus in marketed edible vegetable oils
p. 1336 | Sarnaik, Seema; Godbole, S. H.; Kanekar, Pradnya

Cytoplasmic vesicles containing secondary metabolites in the rooot of Coleus forskohlli
p. 1337 | Abraham, Z.; Srivastava, A. K.; Bagchi, G. D.

ATPase activity as influenced by papaya viruses
p. 1339 | Mathur, S.; Rao, G. P.; Mathur, S. N.

Pre-sowing hydration of maize seeds for stimulation of low-temperature germination and its effects on phospholipid changes in the embryos
p. 1340 | Basra, Amarjit S.; Bedi, Seema; Malik, C. P.

A new floral character influencing allogamy in rice
p. 1342 | Prasad, K.; Sinha, P. K.

Leaf mutation and its genetics in green gram (Vigna radiata)
p. 1343 | Chhabra, Ashok; Singh, V. P.

Anthracnose--A new disease of small cardamom
p. 1346 | Bhai, R. Suseela; Thomas, Joseph; Naidu, R.

Shoot tip culture of pepper and micropropagation
p. 1347 | Agrawal, Sadhana; Chandra, N.; Kothari, S. L.

A comparative study of in vitro shoot regeneration from cotyledon and root explants of four varieties of Brassica oleracea
p. 1349 | Horeau, Nathalie; Arora, Renu; Bhojwani, Sant S.

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from seed callus of barley
p. 1351 | Kothari, S. L.; Chandra, N.

Isolation of Anabaena azollae from the megasporocarp of Azolla
p. 1352 | Subramanian, G.; Malliga, P.

Male antifertility effects of malvidin chloride from Malvaviscus conzattii Greenum flowers in langur monkeys
p. 1354 | Bhargava, S. K.

p. 1355

Science News
Science News
p. 1356

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Current Issue
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Issue 6, 2023