Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 04: 20 Feb, 1989
Research Articles
Low temperature heat conductivity of polymers
p. 0165 | Indu, B. D.

Archaean carbonate rocks (Carbonatites?) from Borra region in the Eastern Ghats mobile belt, India
p. 0168 | Rao, A. T.

Phototrophic breakdown of solid cellulose from silk cotton to hydrogen and volatile fatty acids by Rhodospirillum rubrum
p. 0173 | Vatsala, T. M.; Seshadri, C. V.

Evaluation of protoclonal variation versus chemically induced mutagenesis in Brassica napus
p. 0176 | Jain, L. S. Mohan; Newton, R. J.

An account of tolerant plant species growing on coal mine wastes of Talcher, Orissa
p. 0181 | Sahu, R. K.; Deo, Bandita; Mallick, U. C.; Maharana, R. C.

Genetic transformation and regeneration of transgenic neem ( Azadirachta indica) plants using Agrobacterium tumefaciens
p. 0184 | Naina, N. S.; Gupta, P. K.; Mascarenhas, A. F.

Short communications
Vibrational spectra of Mg2P4 O12
p. 0188 | Viswanathan, K.; Nayar, V. U.; Aruldhas, G.

A new one-step preparation of β-apopicropodophyllin from podophyllotoxin
p. 0189 | Anjanamurthy, C.; Shashikanth, S.

High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of certain phenols and phenolic acids from plants
p. 0190 | Annapurani, T. K.

Interaction of tris (2-ethyl hexyl) trimellitate (HATCOL-200) cotton seed oil and normal saline with pentobarbital sodium--a prospective approach
p. 0191 | Rathinam, K.; Vedanarayanan, P. V.

A note on bismuth incidence in Narda Hill, Nim-ka-thana tahsil, District Sikar, Rajasthan
p. 0192 | Gupta, D. J. Das

Effect of cadmium-zinc interaction on yield and cadmium and zinc content of maize ( Zea mays L. )
p. 0194 | Sadana, U. S.; Bijay-singh

Tyromyces subcaesius David, a new record from India
p. 0196 | Roy, Anjali; Mitra, A.

Evaluation of cotton germplasm for resistance to whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius)
p. 0197 | Jayaswal, A. P.; Pundarikakshudu, R.

Growth and sporulation of millet leaf blast fungus Pyricularia penniseti : Role of polyamines
p. 0198 | Gaur, S. C.; Shekhawat, N. S.; Arya, H. C.

Foliar nectaries in Erythrina stricta L.
p. 0200 | Johncy, M.; Subramanian, R. B.; Inamdar, J. A.

Micropropagation in diploid Indian squill ( Urginea indica Kunth. )
p. 0201 | Somani, V. I.; John, C. K.; Thengane, Shubhada; Thengane, R. J.

Isolation of new cyanophage An-1
p. 0204 | Radha, S.; Kaushik, B. D.; Ahlawat, Y. S.

In vitro multiple plantlet regeneration in Knol Khol ( Brassica oleracea L. var. caulorapa )
p. 0205 | Shukla, Sangeeta; Mishra, S. K.

Immobilized Sporotrichum thermophile products cellulase
p. 0207 | Singh, Alka; Goel, Reeta; Johri, B. N.

Chromosomal variability in Chara corallina Wildenow, under culture conditions
p. 0209 | Chaudhary, B. R.; Das, Anjali

Studies on germination behaviour in rice treated with gamma rays
p. 0210 | Pavithran, K.; Shobha, B.

A new record of a pupal endoparasite, Exoristobia philippinensis Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Encyritidae), of the uzi fly, a serious parasite of silkworm
p. 0212 | Kumar, Pradip; Remadevi, O. K.; Singh, B. D.; Jolly, M. S.

Effects of Tribulus terrestris Linn, on the development of potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella Z. (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)
p. 0212 | Reddy, G. V. Prasad; Urs, K. C. Devaraj

Occurrence of keratin and collagen in the inner lining of the oesophagus in the crab, Charybdis annulata (Fabricius)
p. 0213 | Shyamasundari, K.; Babu, B. Trinadha; Rao, K. Hanumantha

Prolactin-dependent activation of mammalian sperm metabolism
p. 0215 | Reddy, Y. Dhananjaya; Rao, J. Nageswara; Prasad, M.; Govindappa, S.

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