Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 09: 05 May, 1989
Research Articles
A note on comparison of some estimators using auxiliary information in sample surveys
p. 0477 | Sahoo, L. N.; Mohanty, S.

Determination of zero error of electro-optical distance measuring instruments
p. 0480 | Roy, S. P.

Problem of mass-movements in a part of Kumaun Himalaya
p. 0486 | Valdiya, K. S.; Bartarya, S. K.

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0492

Short communications
Geothermometry of ultramafic rocks around Terakanambi, southern Karnataka
p. 0494 | Swamy, N. Shadakshara; Reddy, B. Manjunatha

A note on the crystallization of foot-and-mouth-disease virus
p. 0495 | Banumathi, N.; Rao, B. U.

Charophyta from Niniyur Formation, Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu
p. 0496 | Nath, T. Triambak

Biology and pathogenic potential of black spot trematodes in high altitude fishes of India
p. 0498 | Banerjee, Shampa; Malhotra, Sandeep K.

Isolation of chlamydia from cerebral tissue of buffalo calf
p. 0500 | Singh, Charan Kamal; Dhingra, P. N.; Kumar, Narendra

A simple, rapid and reliable serological method for diagnosis of amoebiasis
p. 0502 | Agarwal, R. K.; Das, S. R.

Simple colorimetric estimation of Furosemide in dosage forms--Part I
p. 0503 | Mishra, Pradeep; Katrolia, D.; Agrawal, R. K.

Nature of the apical cap in Trentepohlia
p. 0505 | Hariharan, G. N.; Krishnamurthy, K. V.

Ontogeny of foliar stomata and trichomes in mulberry (Morus L. )
p. 0506 | Philip, Tomy; Govindaiah; Sengupta, K.; Suryanarayana, N.

Biochemical changes during post-harvest storage of button mushroom (Agaricus hisporus)
p. 0508 | Rai, R. D.; Saxena, Sanjeev

Alkaloid production by the immobilized cells of Solarium xanthocarpum
p. 0510 | Subramani, J.; Bhatt, P. N.; Mehta, A. R.

Aflatoxin contamination in seeds of medicinal value
p. 0512 | Kumari, Vineeta; Chourasia, H. K.; Roy, A. K.

Leaf rot of oil palm
p. 0513 | Mathai, G.; Balakrishnan, B.; Mathew, James

Two new leaf spot diseases from India caused by Alternaria
p. 0514 | Saini, S. S.; Kumari, Sudhesh; Atri, N. S.

A new report of Rhizopus rot of groundnut from India
p. 0515 | Gaur, R. B.; Singh, R. D.; Rathore, R. S.

Susceptibility of rice sheath blight pathogen to mycoparasites
p. 0515 | Manibhushanrao, K.; Sreenivasaprasad, S.; Baby, U. L.; Joe, Y.

Effect of copper sulphate algicide on growth of and nitrogen fixation in Azolla pinnata
p. 0518 | Rajarathinam, K.; Jayabalan, M.; Padhya, M. A.

Growth response and root colonization in cultivars of sesame to VAM fungi
p. 0519 | Sulochana, T.; Manoharachary, C.; Rao, P. Rama

Seasonal activity of the teak defoliator Hyblaea puera Cramer (Lepidoptera: Hyblacidae) at ICRISAT, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0521 | Pawar, C. S.; Bhatnagar, V. S.

Role of inorganic phosphate in phytoplankton cycle in beel ecosystem
p. 0522 | Kolekar, V.; Yadava, Y. S.; Singh, R. K.; Choudhury, M.

Productivity and biomass turnover rates for serai grasslands of Cherrapunji in northeastern India
p. 0523 | Ram, Subhash C.; Ramakrishnan, P. S.

p. 0525

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0526 | Vishwanathan, B.

p. 0528

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