Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 21: 05 Nov, 1989
Research Articles
Voyager 2 and the world of Neptune
p. 1169 | Kasturirangan, K.; Marar, T. M. K.; Padmini, V. N.

From the archives
The Indian chemical industry
p. 1178

Alcohol as motor fuel
p. 1179

p. 1180

Research Articles
Comments on the Benofy and Quay theory of thermomagnetic effects
p. 1181 | Jesudason, C. G.

Variation of directivity and quality factors of circular patch microstrip antenna in plasma
p. 1185 | Bhatnagar, Deepak

Synthesis and characterization of tellurium(IV) complexes with 2-naphthol
p. 1188 | Malhotra, K. C.; Sharma, Rajender; Chaudhry, S. C.; Sharma, Neeraj

p. 1191

Short communications
Search for a possible new neutral cosmic ray
p. 1192 | Subramanian, A.; Verma, S. D.

A model study of effect of electron temperature enhancements on D- and E-region electron densities
p. 1194 | Rao, B. Parvatheeswara; Rao, D. N. M.; Mani, T. Aruna; Somayaji, T. S. N.; Ramana, K. V. V.

Polarographic studies of mixed-ligand complexes of the In(III)-1-methyl-imidazole-tartrate system
p. 1195 | Ahmed, A. M.; Mohamed, G. B.

Reaction of some p-substituted phenacyldimethylsulphonium bromides with aromatic aldehydes: Synthesis of 2,4,6-triarylpyrimidines
p. 1196 | Gupta, K. C.; Manglum, P.

Synthesis of thiosemicarbazides, triazoles, thiadiazoles and oxadiazoles
p. 1198 | Majee, R. N.

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of thiomalates of Ag(I), Hg(II) and Cd(II)
p. 1201 | Agrawal, O. P.; Verma, K. K.; Bhayana, Seema

Inheritance of salt tolerance in progenies of tissue culture selected variants of rice
p. 1204 | Narayanan, K.; Rangasamy, S. R. Sree

Neuroanatomy and cholinesterase activity in Acanthotaenia multitesticulata (Cestoda)
p. 1205 | Ramakrishnan, V.; Goud, Dharma; Brahmaiah, D.

Functional significance of arginase in aestivating snail, Pila globosa (Swainson): Neuroendocrine involvement
p. 1207 | Reddy, G. Ramesh; Babu, G. R. Veera; Chetty, C. S.

Effect of pH on phosphate solubilization by microbes
p. 1208 | Gaind, Sunita; Gaur, A. C.

Heterochromatin of rye and triticale--repetitive sequences
p. 1211 | Reddy, V. R. K.

Multiple forms of human urinary т-glutamyltranspeptidase
p. 1213 | Ahamad, K. Basheer; Hinchigeri, S. B.; Datta, K. S.

Induction of lysomal enzymes in Ehrlich ascites tumour cells by bromophos
p. 1214 | Fatima, Soghra; Shivanandappa, T.

Trace metals in cancer tissues
p. 1216 | Doraiswamy, T. R.; Seshadri, B. S.

Effect of potassium embelate, an analgesic compound, on brain monoamine uptake
p. 1217 | Zutshi, U.; John, R. K.; Dhar, S. K.

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Book Reviews
p. 1219

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