Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 58 - Issue 23: 05 Dec, 1989
Research Articles
Challenging areas in life sciences--SERC recommendations on thrust areas of research in life sciences
p. 1275

Statistical analysis of lineaments of Goa, India
p. 1316 | Iyer, S. D.; Banerjee, G.; Wagle, B. G.

p. 1319

Research Articles
Cysteine protease inhibitors from banana (Musa paradisiaca)
p. 1320 | Rao, N. Mallikarjuna

Short communications
Petrology of the post-tectonic granites from Gundlupet, southern Karnataka
p. 1325 | Swamy, N. Shadakshara; Jayananda, M.

Triterpenes from the leaves of Rhus alata Thumb.
p. 1326 | Parveen, M.; Khan, Nizam U.; Achari, Basudeb; Dutta, Pradeep K.

Two new species of Pseudocercospora from India
p. 1327 | Rai, A. N.; Kamal

First report of occurrence of oospores of Pseudoperonospora cubensis on two cucurbitaceous hosts
p. 1330 | Singh, P. P.; Sokhi, S. S.

Polyphenols of some Indian vegetables
p. 1332 | Daniel, M.

Inhibition of photosynthesis by oxyfluorfen
p. 1334 | Sharma, D.; Bhardwaj, R.; Maheshwari, V.

Electrical conductivity as an indicator of orthodox and recalcitrant seed physiology in tropical forest trees
p. 1336 | Khare, P. K.; Yadav, V. K.; Mishra, G. P.

Physiology of mutant strains of Erwinia carotovora producing L-asparaginase
p. 1339 | Maladkar, N. K.

Effect of Rhizobium in association with granular insecticides on nodulation and yield in soybean
p. 1340 | Kundu, G. G.; Trimohan

Azotobacter chroococcum in root, stem and leaf tissues of cells of Triticum aestivum L. and Triticum durum L.
p. 1342 | Tippannavar, C. M.; Reddy, T. K. Ramachandra

Antibacterial activity of a polycation
p. 1343 | Gopal, M.; Karegoudar, T. B.; Mulimani, K. H.

Phosphamidon-induced changes in hepatic enzymes of mouse
p. 1344 | Bhatnagar, Pradeep; Jain, Nirmala

From the archives
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 1347 | Dasannacharya, B.

Meeting Report
Sedov Arctic expedition
p. 1348

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