Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 59 - Issue 04: 20 Feb, 1990
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0185

Guest Editorial
A tasteless chemical mix
p. 0187 | Krishnan, V.

DST questionnaire responses
p. 0189

Research News
Molecules of the decade
p. 0193 | Chandrasekhar, J.

Does fatty acyl CoA have a role in cellular transport possibly through protein modification?
p. 0194 | Chaudhuri, Amitabha

General Articles
India's brain drain to the US
p. 0196 | Gulati, R. R.

Dietary and nutritional guidelines for food and agricultural planning
p. 0203 | Varadarajan, S.

Review Articles
Biochemical genetic divergence in three carangids from the Andaman Sea
p. 0209 | Menezes, Maria R.

Effect of Japanese encephalitis virus-induced suppressor cells on Fe-receptor function of mouse macrophages
p. 0209 | Rawat, Shashi; Mathur, Asha; Kulshrestha, R.; Chaturvedi, U. C.

A note on tunable transconductance of a branching molecular wire
p. 0212 | Deshpande, Varsha; Kumar, N.

Small shelly fossils of Precambrian-Cambrian boundary beds from the Krol-Tal succession in the Nainital Syncline, Lesser Himalaya
p. 0216 | Bhatt, D. K.; Mathur, Anil K.

Occurrence of twinning and parallel growth in zircons of the Palampur granitoids, northwestern Himalaya
p. 0217 | Chaudhuri, N.

Biostratigraphic significance of bioeroded gastropod shells from the coastal region of Pondicherry
p. 0218 | Sengupta, Siddhartha; Lahiri, Amitava

Haematocrit dependence of cellular axial migration and tubular pinch effects in blood flow through glass capillaries
p. 0222 | Singh, Megha; Ramesh, A. T. V.

Methods to enhance solid mutation frequency in colocasia
p. 0223 | Vasudevan, K.; Jos, J. S.

Serological relationship of rice tungro spherical virus and bacilliform virus components associated with rice tungro disease
p. 0226 | Mishra, M. D.; Niazi, F. R.; Jain, R. K.

Purification of β-trypsin by SP-Sephadex column chromatography
p. 0226 | Rajput, Y. S.; Gupta, M. N.

In vitro packaging system for bacteriophage F0 DNA
p. 0228 | Verma, Mukesh

Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep: An Environmental Impact Assessment
p. 0233 | Chaphekar, S. B.

Sir. C. V. Raman-A Memoir
p. 0233 | Sundaram, C. V.

Book Reviews
p. 0235

Personal News
Benjamin Peary Pal-An obituary by M. S. Swaminathan
p. 0237 | Swaminathan, M. S.

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