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Volume 59 - Issue 05: 05 Mar, 1990
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0239

Winds of change
p. 0241

The C-DoT contoversy
p. 0242

Brain drain and information packaging-lessons from the British experience
p. 0243

Panjab University defends itself in Gupta affair
p. 0244

Research News
God has still not shown His hand
p. 0245 | Ghose, Partha

General Articles
Exploring the seas-the National Institute of oceanography's venture
p. 0246 | Das, V. Kesava; Desai, B. N.

Means, method and implications of the search for intelligent life beyond our planet
p. 0253 | Morrison, Philip

Review Articles
Role of RNA cofactor of PhrA photolyase from E. coli in its binding with UV-irradiated DNA
p. 0261 | Verma, Naresh C.; Hejmadi, Vidyasagar S.; Hosur, Madhusoodhan V.

Genetic variation in some wild populations of Drosphila busckii
p. 0264 | Prakash, Ravi; Joutsna; Yadav, J. P.

Research Communications
Gasket-compression mechanism of pressure-pulse generation by low-velocity projectile impact on the opposed anvil set-up
p. 0268 | Singh, A. K.

Consequences of predicted sea level rise for the Lakshadweep islands
p. 0270 | Pathak, M. C.; Kotnala, K. L.

A note on the uraniferous Breccia along Kui-Chitraseni fault zone, districts Banaskantha (Gujarat) and Sirohi (Rajasthan)
p. 0272 | Bhat, A. K.; Shrivastava, P. K.; Parthasarathy, T. N.

A comparitive study of carbonates from Ongeian and sawaian stages of the Little Andaman Island
p. 0273 | Sharma, L. N.

Conoid shells (?Tentaculites sp. ) from the Lipak Formation, Yulang Valley, Kinnaur Himalaya
p. 0274 | Bassi, U. K.

Abundance of Jurassic bivalves during marine transgressive-regressive cyclic events
p. 0275 | Krishna, K. M.; Upadhyay, O. P.

Electromagnetic field-induced in vitro pollen germination and tube groeth
p. 0276 | Alexander, M. P.; Ganeshan, S.

A method for the rapid isolation of hypocotyl protoplasts of Eruca sativa
p. 0277 | Batra, Amla; Dhingra, Mukta

Metabolic fate of [8-14C]hypoxanthine in nodules and root tissue of soybean plants
p. 0279 | Ashihara, H.

Major Entamoeba histolytica (200 : NIH) immunogen
p. 0280 | Khan, A. H.; Kymar, Sanjai; Kumar, P.; Sahib, M. K.; Das, S. R.

Review Articles
Truth and beauty: Aesthetics and Motivations in Science
p. 0284 | Mukunda, N.

Electricity and Magnetism
p. 0287 | Choudhury, S. Rai

Statistical Physics
p. 0288 | Ramaswamy, Sriram

Horizons of Physics
p. 0288 | Puttaswamy, N. G.

Personal News
Charles Solomon Pichamuthu-a tribute g C. V. Sundaram g Foreign academies honour Indian scientists
p. 0289

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