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Volume 59 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1990
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Special Section
G. N. Ramachandran and beginnings of structural molecular biology in India
p. 0811 | Balaram, P.

Stereochemistry of polypeptide chain configurations
p. 0813 | Ramachandran, G. N.; Ramakrishnan, C.; Sasisekharan, V.

Proteins: The hard sphere, Structure and energetics
p. 0819 | Varadarajan, Raghavan; Richards, Fredric M.; Connelly, Patrick R.

The Ramachandran plot and the NMR method for protein structure determination
p. 0825 | W├╝thrich, Kurt

Some uses of the Ramachandran (f, y) diagram in the structural analysis of lysozymes
p. 0833 | Weaver, L. H.; Tronrud, D. E.; Nicholson, H.; Matthews, B. W.

The prediction of the secondary structure of proteins: Fact or fiction
p. 0839 | Fasman, Gerald D.

The Ramachandran-Kartha triple-helical structure of collagen
p. 0847

Glycyl residues in proteins and peptides: An analysis
p. 0851 | Ramakrishnan, C.; Srinivasan, N.

Self-similarity and the assembly of collagen molecules
p. 0863 | Sasisekharan, V.; Bansal, M.

Applications of environment specific amino acid substitution tables to identification of key residues in protein tertiary structure
p. 0867 | Overington, John; Johnson, Mark; Topham, Chris; Mcleod, Alasdair; Sali, Andrej; Zhu, Zhan-yang; Sibanda, Lynn; Blundell, Tom L.

Helix construction using a-aminoisobutyryl residues in a modular approach to synthetic protein design. Conformational properties of an apolar decapeptide in two different crystal forms and in solution
p. 0875 | Karle, Isabella L.; Flippen-anderson, J. L.; Uma, K.; Balaram, P.

Book Reviews
Protein Folding: Deciphering the second Half of the Genetic Code
p. 0886 | Ranganathan, Darshan; Ranganathan, Subramania

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