Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 60 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 1991
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In this issue
p. 0195

Special Section: Clinical Research and Health Care in Developing Countries (Guest Editor: G. N. Menon)
p. 0197 | Menon, G. N.; Ramaseshan, S.

Recommendation of the Conference
p. 0201

Clinical Medicine, Research and Primary Health Care- An Overview and Introduction to the Symposium
p. 0205 | Menon, G. N.

Health Care in Developing Countries-Current Status and Strategic Options
p. 0211 | Nair, M. D.

Epidemiology - The Neglected Tool in National Health Planning
p. 0220 | Soman, C. R.

Can Practisisng Physicians Contribute to Epidemiologic Studies?
p. 0228 | Nanivadekar, A. S.

Clinical Drug Development in Europe and North America - Present Patterns and Future Trends
p. 0233 | Rondel, R. K.

Drug Development and Health - How Relevant is the U. S. Model?
p. 0237 | Smith, B. H.

Clinical Drug Development in developing Countries - theory and Practice, Myths and Realities
p. 0242 | Menon, G. N.

New Indications for Existing Drugs:Implications for Drug Development and Clinical Practice
p. 0247 | Smith, B. H.

The Impact of Phase 4 Trials and Post-Marketing Surveillance on Real Life Clinical Practice
p. 0256 | Rondel, R. K.

The Role of Medical Education as a Primary Resource for Health Development
p. 0260 | Mitchell, G. M.

Role of Clinical Trials in Postgraduate Education, Training and Resource Development
p. 0263 | Nanivadekar, A. S.

High-tech Medicine
p. 0266 | Hegde, B. M.

Production and Use of Biomedical Devices - Its Relevance to India
p. 0268 | Ramani, A. V.

Technology Transfer:Successes and Failures
p. 0272 | Singh, R. Paul

The Role of Planning in Health Care - What should be in India
p. 0277 | Kutty, V. Raman

Book Reviews
Book Review - Inside Ciba Geigy by Olle Hansson
p. 0282 | Menon, G. N.

Book Review - Ayurveda and Modern Medicine by R. D. Lele
p. 0283 | Hegde, B. M.

Report Review- The Relationship between Physicians and Pharmaceutical Industry
p. 0284 | Menon, G. N.

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