Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 61 - Issue 01: 10 Jul, 1991
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In this issue
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Research News
Buckministerfullerene, buckministerfullerite and superconducting buckminister-fulleride- crystal structures
p. 0008 | Ramaseshan, S.

Foreword to Volume 6 of S. chandrasekhar's Selected papers by Xanthopoulos
p. 0010

General Articles
A Rip van winkle in an exploding field - the haffkine Institute
p. 0014 | Menon, K. K. G.

Spin-statistics connection
p. 0018 | Ramachandran, R.

Geometrical theory of a diffraction- A historical perspective
p. 0022 | Kumar, P. B. Sunil; Ranganath, G. S.

Peroxisomal targeting signals - the end and the begining
p. 0028 | Subramani, Suresh

Research Articles
A theory of the normal and superconducting states of doped solid C60
p. 0033 | Baskaran, G.; Tosatti, E.

Steric and rotational constraints in the X-ray structure of the animalarial drug amodiaquine
p. 0039 | Yennawar, Hemant P.; Viswamitra, M. A.

Research Communications
The dependence of rotationally inelastic cross-sections on the parameters of the potential
p. 0043 | Agrawal, P. P. M.; Garg, Vinod

Fine-scale microwave radio refractivity measurements over Bombay area of the Indian subcontinent
p. 0044 | Sarma, S. B. S. S.

Sandstone-type uranium deposit at Domiasiat, West Khasi Hills district, Meghalaya, North-east India
p. 0046 | Sengupta, B.; Bahuguna, R.; Kumar, Sunil; Singh, Rajendra; Kaul, Ravi

Sorghum straw as an efficient remover of metal from waste water
p. 0047 | Kumawat, D. M.; Dubey, P. S.

Book Reviews
Chandra: A biography of S. chandrasekhar
p. 0050 | Srinivasan, G.

On the imperturability of elevator operators LVII
p. 0056 | Chandrasekhar, S.

The equations determining the margin at state in the case when the occupation number is zero
p. 0057

Regional Research Laboratory
p. 0058

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