Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 62 - Issue 05: 10 Mar, 1992
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0389

Research News
Birth of a supernova remnant observed
p. 0391

Prevention and control of goitre (on iodised oil injection)
p. 0392 | Gopalan, C.

General Articles
The paradox of large samples
p. 0393 | Kunte, S.; Gore, A. P.

In pursuit of new drugs -- Central Drug Research Institue
p. 0396 | Dhawan, B. N.; Imam, Zaka

Review Articles
What makes Cadida albicans pathogenic?
p. 0400 | Datta, Asis

Research Articles
Magnetic dynamics in La2CuO4
p. 0404 | Singh, Avinash

K/T boundary species with Early Eocene nannofossils discovered from Subathu Formation, Shimla Himalaya, India
p. 0409 | Jafar, Syed A.; Singh, Om P.

Modelling of paint-film curing by fractals
p. 0414 | Mukesh, D.; Srinivasan, K.

Unusual growth of smectic A liquid crystals
p. 0419 | Pratibha, R.; Madhusudana, N. V.

Research Communications
Preparation of polypyrrole thin films by RF plasma polymerization
p. 0423 | Cherian, Ligy; Radhakrishnan, P.

Petrography and geochemistry of the Miocene Limestone of Saurashtra, Gujarath, West India
p. 0424 | Kumar, Arun; Saraswathi, Pratul K.; Navada, S. V.

Probable fossils from Alwar Quartzite, Aravalli Range. North India
p. 0427 | Kalia, Prabha; Bhagwat, Rajeev J.; Banerjee, Amit; Pande, Prabhas K.; Trivedi, Vandana

Effect of barley starch in comparison and in combination with agar and agarose on anther culture of Hordeum vulgare L.
p. 0430 | Tiwari, S.; Rahimbaev, I.

Changes in the follicular plasminogen activator during ovulation after steroidal treatments in rat
p. 0432 | Dhanju, C. K.; Dhanoa, S. K.; Guraya, S. S.

Personal News
A leading light, An obituary of V. S. Huzurbazar
p. 0436 | Parthasarathy, K. R.

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