Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 62 - Issue 08: 25 Apr, 1992
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0545

Vigyan kshetras
p. 0547 | Pisharoty, P. R.

Scientific Correspondence
'Extinct' orchid rediscovered
p. 0547 | Kumar, Yogendra

Research News
Pradoxical networks
p. 0549 | Ranganath, G. S.

Development of space technology:Indian experiance and future prospects
p. 0551 | Rajan, Y. S.

General Articles
Coated pits, endosome CURLing and intracellular receptor--ligand trafficking
p. 0555 | Hegde, Ramesh

Review Articles
Diabetes and avian resistance
p. 0564 | Guha, Bandana; Ghosh, Asok

Research Communications
Speed-up factors for simulation of neural networks on a parallel computer
p. 0568 | Athithan, G.

Paleomagnetism of calc-granulites from Sadananthapuram in the mangenese ore belt of Vizianagaram District of Andhra pradesh
p. 0571 | Raju, A. Lakshmipati; Kedareshwarudu, U.

Discovery of Proterozonic boninite from Jagannathpur volcanic suite, Singhbhum craton, Estern India
p. 0573 | Alvi, Shabber H.; Raza, M.

Sulphar enrichment in a sediment core from the central western continental margin of India
p. 0575 | Rao, P. S.; Rao, Ch. M.

Subrecent remains of great one-horned rhinoceros from southern West Bengal, India
p. 0577 | Ghosh, M.; Saha, U.; Roy, S.; Talukder, B.

Influence of nitrogen status and mitation on the fatty acid profile of Rhodotorula gracilis
p. 0580 | Venkateswaran, G.; Shashi, K.; Joseph, Richard

Antifertility and abortifacient activities of vicolides B and D
p. 0583 | Alam, Muzaffer; Susan, T.; Joy, S.; Kundu, A. B.

Silanization of DNA bound basked glass permits enhanced polymerization by DNA polymerase
p. 0586 | Maitra, Radhashree; Thakur, Ashoke Rajan

Triplex formation between d-CGCTCT and the self-complentary oligonucleotide d-CAATCTCGCGACATTG-spectroscopic investigations
p. 0588 | Madan, Anup; Hosur, R. V.

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