Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 63 - Issue 04: 25 Aug, 1992
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0157

Scientific Correspondence
Macroseismic studies
p. 0159 | Ghosh, D. K.; Narula, P. L.; Shome, S. K.

Research News
Materials with negative Poisson's ratio
p. 0160 | Ranganath, G. S.

Trends in experimental neural transplantation
p. 0163 | Misra, B. K.

Complete nucleotide sequence
p. 0165 | Ramakrishnan, T.

Seismotectonics of Himalaya
p. 0166 | Chandra, Umesh

General Articles
Tropical mycology and biotechnology
p. 0167 | Subramanian, C. V.

Review Articles
Metallogeny--the search for a rationale behind space-time selectivity of ore deposit formation
p. 0173 | Mookherjee, Asoke

Design of crystal sturdture-specific surfactants based on molecular recognition at mineral surfaces
p. 0180 | Pradip

Conjugal gene transfer in filamentous cyanobacteria
p. 0186 | Fatma, Tasneem; Venkataraman, L. V.

Research Articles
Climatic shifts over Mahanadi river basin
p. 0192 | Rao, P. Govinda; Kumar, K. Krishna

Research Communications
A mathematical prey-predator model for tree and man
p. 0196 | Baranidharan, S.; Kumar, D. Ganesh

On the occurrence of lava flows from Krol Formation, Narendranagar area, Garhwal Himalayas, Tehri-Garhwal district, Uttar Pradesh
p. 0200 | Singh, Rachhpal; Bodas, M. S.

Heavy metal concentrations in air, water and rock samples at Antarctica during 1989-1990
p. 0201 | Khandekar, R. N.; Tripathi, R. M.; Raghunath, R.; Sathe, A. P.; Nambi, K. S. V.

Enhanced expression of a mosquito larvicidal gene(s) of Bacillus sphaericus 1593M in Escherichia coli
p. 0205 | Rajamohan, F.; Suresh, C.; Jayaraman, Kunthala

Bio Bytes from MKU
p. 0208

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Current Issue
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