Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 63 - Issue 08: 25 Oct, 1992
Editors Note
Editor's note
p. 0405

Special Section: Alzheimer’s Disease: An Emerging Issue for the Developing Countries (Guest Editor: George M. Martin)
Alois Alzheimer: A short biography and a new translation of his key paper
p. 0407 | Hoehn, Holger

Pathogenetic mechanisms in demantias of the Alzheimer's type
p. 0410 | Martin, George M.; Fukuchi, Ken-ichiro

Recognition of Alzheimer's disease as a major public health problem: An historical account of the American experience
p. 0416 | Katzman, Robert

Experience with the differential diagnosis and prevalence of dementing illness in India
p. 0419 | Wadia, Noshir H.

Pathobiology of Alzheimer's disease: A morphologist's view
p. 0430 | Shankar, S. K.

Changing demography of elderly in India
p. 0440 | Bhat, P. N. Mari

A progress report on the prevalence of Alzheimer's lesions in a Bombay hospital population
p. 0449 | Barodawala, S. A.; Ghadi, P. S.

Towards a program of cross-cultural research on the epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease
p. 0456 | White, Lon R.

Do environmental neurotoxins or novel infectious agents play a role in the genesis of Alzheimer's disease?
p. 0470 | Dastur, Darab K.; Manghani, Daya K.

World-wide distribution of familial Alzheimer's disease
p. 0485 | Bird, Thomas D.

Principles of linkage analysis applied to genetic mapping of familial Alzheimer's disease
p. 0487 | Wijsman, Ellen M.

The molecular genetics of familial Alzheimer's disease
p. 0491 | Schellenberg, Gerad D.

Review of recent publications on Alzheimer's disease
p. 0495 | Agarwal, S. S.

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