Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 64 - Issue 07: 10 Apr, 1993
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0447

Research News
Beyond Mendeleev
p. 0449 | Ranganath, G. S.

On the right trk
p. 0451 | Rao, Mahendra

Folding in an unfolded protein
p. 0452 | Udgaonkar, Jayant B.

Save science or scientists' interest? And why?
p. 0454 | Joshi, Y. P.

General Articles
Dividing the labour in cells and societies
p. 0459 | Bonner, J. T.

Guest Editorial
Science and technology in the post-liberalization era [Guest editorial ]
p. 0467 | Mashelkar, R. A.; Rao, C. N. R.

Special Section
Crisis in Indian science and technology: Some crucial factors for consideration
p. 0471 | Rao, C. N. R.

Emerging technology challenges in the post-liberalization era
p. 0473 | Sharma, M. M.

The role of technology in industrial competitiveness in post-liberalization economy--some issues and challenges for India
p. 0475 | Dhuldhoya, N. M.

Globalization--an entrepreneur's point of view
p. 0487 | Shah, Hasmukh

Publicly funded R and D institutions in the post-liberalization era
p. 0490 | Mashelkar, R. A.

Technology policy in a liberalizing economy
p. 0494 | Narasimha, R.

Intellectual property rights in India--some suggestions for a new strategy
p. 0502 | Raha, Sekhar

S and T in the post-liberalization era: Role of the government and the industry
p. 0505 | Swaminathan, K. V.

The role of atomic energy, space and defence
p. 0508 | Chidambaram, R.; Rao, U. R.; Kalam, A. P. J. Abdul

Review Articles
Analytical nondestructive evaluation for materials characterization
p. 0511 | Raj, Baldev

Research Communications
Fission track age of zircon separates of tuffaceous mudstones of the Upper Siwalik subgroup of Jammu-Chandigarh sector of the Panjab Sub-Himalaya
p. 0519 | Mehta, Y. P.; Thakur, A. K.; Lal, Nand; Shukla, B.; Tandon, S. K.

A potential immunosuppressive role for vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) in leishmaniasis: Evidence from the use of a selective VIP antagonist
p. 0521 | Nock, Ishaya Haruna; Sharma, Jayashri D.

Characteristics of larval mark and origin of radii
p. 0524 | Tandon, K. K.; Johal, M. S.

Historical Notes
Addendum to Padmanaban, G., Indian Biology Research at Crossroads, Curr. Sci., 1992, 62, 509-511.
p. 0526

Book Reviews
Manual of Clinical Methods
p. 0527 | Philip, Joy

Personal News
A superb teacher-learner, an obituary of D. S. Kothari
p. 0528 | Panchapakesan, N.

Historical Notes
Meghnad Saha - His science and life
p. 0530 | Singh, Virendra

A short-training course on Techniques in Isolation and Bio-immunological characterization of Proteins
p. 0537

Indian science congress association
p. 0538

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Current Issue
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