Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 65 - Issue 11: 10 Dec, 1993
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0803

Nomination raj
p. 0805 | Varkey, M. J.

Bhatnagar Laureates
p. 0805 | Ramanna, Raja

Foraging decisions by plants
p. 0805 | Thomas, P. J.; Chandrashekaran, M. K.

Scientific Correspondence
Regeneration potential of hypocotyl-derived long-term callus cultures in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L. ) cv TMV-2
p. 0806 | Vajranabhaiah, S. N.; Purushothama, M. G.; Reddy, P. C.; Prakash, A. H.

China: Also a power in science and technology?
p. 0807 | Yishan, Wu

General Articles
The sleeping dragon wakes up: A scientometric analysis of the growth of science and the usage of journals in China
p. 0809 | Arunachalam, Subbiah; Singh, Udai N.; Rita, Sinha

New directions in polymer chemistry research: Molecular design considerations in the synthesis of new polymer materials
p. 0823 | Ohal, P. K.; Sivaram, S.

Review Articles
Large-scale structure in the universe
p. 0827 | Banhatti, O. G.

X-ray crystal structure and computer modelling studies of HIV protease and its inhibitor complexes
p. 0835 | Sathyanarayana, Bangalore K.; Wlodawer, Alexander

Molecular biology of signal-transducing G proteins
p. 0848 | Gautam, Narasimhan

Research Articles
Laboratory simulation of ionospheric instabilities
p. 0853 | Saxena, Y. C.

Affinity of phosvitin to proteins and polypeptides points to its role in development
p. 0859 | Lakhey, Hiten V.; Ramadoss, Candadai S.; Krishnaswamy, Patnam R.

Research Communications
Interferometry with a novel composite material
p. 0866 | Mohan, R. Krishna; Balan, S.; Narayanan, P. S.; Subramanian, C. K.

Investigations of the fullerene hydride C60H36
p. 0868 | Govindaraj, A.

Evolution of basin boundaries during onset of chaos
p. 0870 | Ambika, G.

Rotifers - pollution or productivity indicators?
p. 0874 | Laal, A. K.; Karthikeyan, M.

Estimation of arsenic in geological samples by atomic absorption spectrometry
p. 0875 | Tiwari, R. K.; Tarsekar, V. K.; Khangan, V. W.

Prehistoric flood deposits on the Choral River, Central Narmada Basin, India
p. 0877 | Kale, Vishwas S.; Mishra, Sheila; Baker, V. R.; Rajaguru, S. N.; Enzel, Yehouda; Ely, Lisa

Almandine and spessartine garnets from the giant plagioclase basalts of Deccan Traps, Western Ghats, India
p. 0878 | Oleinikov, B. V.; Okrugin, A. V.; Krishnamurthy, P.; Murari, R.; Gopalan, K.

Concentration of heavy minerals in Son river
p. 0881 | Tiwari, R. N.; Yadav, R. N. S.

Do human platelets possess LDL-receptor specific for Apoprotein 'B' or cholesterol?
p. 0883 | Kaul, D.

Use of vegetated wetland to remove nitrogen from domestic sewage through ammonia volatilization
p. 0886 | Billore, S. K.; Dass, P.

Occurrence of direct somatic embryogenesis on the sword leaf of in vitro plantlets of Phoenix dactylifera L. cultivar barhee
p. 0887 | Sudhersan, C.; Aboel-nil, M. M.; Ai-baiz, A.

Personal News
Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya - The modern Indian sage
p. 0889 | Biswas, S. K.

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