Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 65 - Issue 12: 25 Dec, 1993
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0895

A report on the workshop on MONTBLEX research results
p. 0897 | Goel, Malti

Scientific Correspondence
Biological control programmes in India - A review in retrospect
p. 0899 | Muniappan, R.; Viraktamath, C. A.

Ecological impact of insects introduced for biological control of weeds ­conflicting interests
p. 0901 | Jayanth, K. P.

An 'elusive' leaf beetle from Mexico
p. 0905 | Chakravarthy, A. K.; Bhat, N. S.

After split genes it is now split proteins
p. 0907 | Jain, Anjali; Hasnain, Seyed E.

Citation Classics - Amusing sidelights, Fusing cultured mammalian cells with polyethylene glycol
p. 0910 | Pontecorvo, G.; Brown, Robert

Special Section
Mathematics as a basic science
p. 0912 | Atiyah, Michael

Harish-Chandra and his mathematical work
p. 0918 | Varadarajan, V. S.

Some recollections of Harish-Chandra
p. 0919 | Borel, Armand

My Father
p. 0921 | Chandra, Premi

p. 0922 | Langlands, R. P.

Dirac, Harish-Chandra and the unitary representations of the Lorentz group
p. 0936 | Mukunda, N.

Algebra of the Dirac-matrices
p. 0941 | Harish-chandra

A submersion principle and its applications -- Harish-Chandra [Reproduced from Geometry and Analysis
p. 0953 | Harish-chandra

General Articles
Developing dialogues: Environment, people and the State
p. 0961 | Ramnath, Madhu

Review Articles
Oxy radicals and their clinical implications
p. 0964 | Das, U. N.

Modern vaccinology - From empiricism to a science
p. 0969 | Rao, Kanury V. S.

Research Articles
Surface properties of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and its adhesion to mineral surfaces
p. 0974 | Sam, Laiju; Rema, V.; Devasia, Preston; Natarajan, K. A.

Research Communications
Optical phase conjugation by stimulated Brillouin scattering in halogenated methanes
p. 0979 | Prasad, B. Raghavendra; Wanare, Harshawardhan; Raghuveer, S.; Subramanian, C. K.; Narayanan, P. S.

Crystal structure of L-phenylalanyl-glycine : trichloracetate and its relevance to the bioactive conformation of the enkephalins
p. 0980 | Mitra, Shome Nath; Subramanian, E.

The kinematic viscosities of ethylene glycol and castor oil
p. 0983 | Kumar, Manoj; Shankar, P. N.

Census of mycoflora associated with the Shilajit rocks
p. 0984 | Kumar, Raj

Incidence of three Mendelian traits in five endogamous populations of Purnia, Bihar
p. 0985 | Pandey, B. N.; Das, P. K. L.; Mishra, A. K.; Jha, A. K.

Cytophotometric DNA estimation in Luzula species
p. 0987 | Mukherjee, Sumona; Sen, J.; Sharma, A. K.

An ancient Egyptian pregnancy test extended to cattle
p. 0989 | Veena, T.; Narendranath, R.

New find of acicular-radial and cauliflower-shaped calcite spheroids from the intertrappean beds of Jabalpur District, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0990 | Lamba, Vikram J. S.; Raghoober, D.

National Centre for Biological Sciences
p. 0992

Department of Science and Technology
p. 0992

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