Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 66 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0255

What ails our universities
p. 0257 | John, S.

Split second and Olympics
p. 0258 | Uniyal, Parashu R.; Dobhal, Rajendra P.

Scientific Correspondence
DNA-binding monitoring made easy
p. 0258 | Kunjappu, Joy T.; Venkatachalam, S. R.; Nair, C. K. K.

On the recentness of current researches in earth science in India
p. 0259 | Agrawal, Salil; Agrawal, Vinod

Constraints affecting development of an integrated strategy for environment and development issues
p. 0260 | Srivastava, Alok K.

Technology development: The role of the State
p. 0261 | Narasimhan, R.

Survey of Indian computer professionals/students in USA about taking up employment in India
p. 0265 | Jalote, Pankaj

General Articles
Detection of dark matter in the galactic halo
p. 0268 | Bhattacharjee, Pijushpani

Profiles of insect diversity
p. 0271 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.

Inter-University Consortium for Department of Atomic Energy Facilities
p. 0281 | Pimpale, A. V.; Srinivasan, R.

Research Articles
The DNA-binding domain of c-Myb: Overexpression and NMR characterization
p. 0287 | Radha, P. K.; Madan, Anup; Padhy, L. C.; Hosur, R. V.

Research Communications
Crystallization of Azadirachtin-A
p. 0295 | Govindachari, T. R.; Gopalakrishnan, Geetha; Raghunathan, R.; Rajan, S. S.

Temperature fields of Pune city
p. 0297 | Gadgil, Alaka S.; Oeosthali, Vrishali

Diurnal and seasonal variations in air pollutant concentrations in a seasonally dry tropical urban environment
p. 0299 | Pandey, J.; Agrawal, M.

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis of Kushan period coins
p. 0303 | Bhat, C. K.; Singh, B. R.; Bhat, C. L.

Significance of bank material at Tilakwada in Lower Narmada Valley
p. 0306 | Chamyal, L. S.; Sharma, Bindu; Merh, S. S.; Karami, Hassan

Stable isotopic evidence for the pedogenic origin of calcitic rocks of Andaman-­Nicobar Islands, Bay of Bengal, India
p. 0307 | Ahmad, S. M.; Jafri, S. H.

A new graphical representation and analysis of DNA sequence structure: I. Methodology and application to globin genes
p. 0309 | Nandy, A.

Comparative study of some methods of oxid, iltion of plant materials for elemental analysis
p. 0314 | Arora, C. L.; Bajwa, M. S.

Introduction of Puccinia polysora, Polysora rust of maize in India
p. 0317 | Payak, M. M.

Book Reviews
Vikram Sarabhai: The Man and the Vision
p. 0319 | Rajan, Y. S.

State of India's Health
p. 0320 | Wyatt, H. V.

Annual Review of Immunology 1993
p. 0321 | Virdi, J. S.

Historical Notes
The astronomical code of the Rigveda
p. 0323 | Kak, Subhash C.

Publications received
Publications received
p. 0327

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