Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 66 - Issue 10: 25 May, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0695

Popper and the naked emperor
p. 0697 | Girji, R. M.

A novel method for the structural characterization of biopolymers
p. 0697

A report on National Seminar on Recent Developments in Mathematics
p. 0699 | Bujurke, N. M.

Crisis in undergraduate medical education in India
p. 0700 | Prakash, Om

Special Section
Outlook for Chemtrapse
p. 0703 | Venkataraman, Balu

Artificial photosynthesis: Efficient dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical cells for direct conversion of visible light to electricity
p. 0706 | Gratzel, M.; Kalyanasundaram, K.

Photoelectrochemical solar cells: Present status
p. 0715 | Babu, K. S. Chandra; Srivastava, O. N.; Rao, G. V. Subba

Molecular assemblies for solar energy conversion - Biomimetic approach
p. 0729 | Krishnan, V.

Multielectron transfer water oxidation catalysts as models for photosynthetic oxygen evolving center
p. 0735 | Ramaraj, Ramasamy; Kaneko, Masao

Particulate models in heterogeneous photocatalysis
p. 0742 | Rao, N. Nageswara; Natarajan, P.

General Articles
Space and physical sciences
p. 0753 | Kasturirangan, K.

Research Articles
Spectral characteristics of the blood of streptozotocin diabetic rats using photoacoustic technique
p. 0763 | Shreedevi, T. T.; Padayatti, P. S.; Kala, M. S.; Philip, J.; Paulose, C. S.

Research Communications
A covalent way to stuff fullerenes
p. 0766 | Jemmis, Eluvathingal D.; Kiran, B.

Direct numerical simulation of a complex turbulent flow
p. 0767 | Deshpande, M. D.; Shankar, P. N.

Luminescence chronology of a fossil dune at Budha Pushkar, Thar Desert: Palaeoenvironmental and archaeological implications
p. 0770 | Singhvi, A. K.; Banerjee, D.; Rajaguru, S. N.; Kumar, V. S. Kishan

Fluorescence microscopy in estimation of organic matter maturation
p. 0773 | Kapoor, P. N.

Evidence for the role of wavelengths of light on the reproduction of wild male bird, black-headed munia Munia Malacca
p. 0775 | Sikdar, Malabika; Kar, Anand

Colletotrihum falcatum race designation - A methodology
p. 0777 | Singh, Narendra; Singh, Vijai

Sex modification in Kartoli (Momordica dioica Roxb. ) by foliar sprays of silver nitrate (AgNO3)
p. 0779 | Rajput, J. C.; Parulekar, Y. R.; Sawant, S. S.; Jamadagni, B. M.

Personal News
A multi-faceted personality, An obituary of Y. T. Thathachari
p. 0780 | Venkatesan, K.; Jayaraman, A.

Pedagogical Notes
The Aharonov-Bohm effect
p. 0781 | Samuel, Joseph

Historical Notes
Modification of the earlier Indian planetary theory by the Kerala astronomers (c. 1500 AD) and the implied heliocentric picture of planetary motion
p. 0784 | Ramasubramanian, K.; Srinivas, M. D.; Sriram, M. S.

N. I. Vavilov, Martyr to genetic truth
p. 0790 | Crow, James F.

My first sixty years - The spread of biology down to the level of the gene
p. 0793 | Bonner, John Tyler

Book Reviews
Life Cycles: Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist
p. 0798 | Neuman, Stuart A.

Comparative Embryology of Angiosperms
p. 0801 | Rau, M. A.

The Golem: What Everyone Should Know About Science
p. 0803 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Research Directions in Computer Science: An MIT Perspective
p. 0804 | Ghaswala, P. S.

G. B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development
p. 0805

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
p. 0806

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Current Issue
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