Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 66 - Issue 11: 10 Jun, 1994
In this Issue
In this issue
p. 0811

Technology development: The role of the State
p. 0813 | Prathap, G.; Chandrasekhara, M. R.

New technology policy
p. 0814 | Tiwari, S. C.

The astronomical code of the Rigveda
p. 0814 | Dani, S. G.

Palaeobiochemistry-Bridging the gap between the living and dead
p. 0815 | Lakhotia, S. C.

Solid state physics meet
p. 0816 | Sahni, V. C.

Research News
Genetic defects in hereditary motor sensory neuropathies
p. 0818 | Vijayaraghavan, Asha

New drug research-A medicinal chemist's perceptions
p. 0820 | Nagarajan, K.

Scientific Correspondence
Graphical representation of long DNA sequence
p. 0821 | Nandy, A.

Selection-A valuable method for bamboo improvement
p. 0822 | John, C. K.; Joshi, M. S.; Nadgauda, R. S.; Mascarenhas, A. F.

Mineralogy of polymetallic sulphide mineralization in Archaean grenstones at TISK-USGAO, Goa, India
p. 0824 | Dessai, A. G.; French, D.; Arolkar, D. B.

General Articles
Energy: Outlook for India by 2000 AD
p. 0826 | Narasimhan, Kotur S.

Review Articles
Modern concepts and strategies in synthesis of biaryl compounds
p. 0833 | Durairaj, K.

Research Articles
Investigations of carbon nanotubes
p. 0839 | Seshadri, Ram; Govindaraj, A.; Aiyer, Hemantkumar N.; Sen, Rahul; Subbanna, G. N.; Raju, A. R.; Rao, C. N. R.

Analysis of the effects of amino acid sequence on the structure of proteins
p. 0847 | Baranidharan, S.; Murthy, M. R. N.

Research Communications
Carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of the regionally metamorphose Archaean carbonate rocks of the Dharwar craton: A preliminary appraisal
p. 0857 | Sharma, S. Das; Srinivasan, R.; Ahmad, S. M.; Patil, D. J.

Chromosomal damage by low doses of radiation: protection by combinations of dietary antioxidants
p. 0861 | Sarma, Lakshmi; Abraham, Suresh K.; Kesavan, P. C.

Tree ring evidences of the 1991 earthquake of Uttarkashi, Western Himalaya
p. 0862 | Yadav, R. R.; Bhattacharyya, A.

Biological control of damping-off disease of cotton seedling
p. 0865 | Alagesaboopathi, C.

Surface morphology of some articulated corallines from India
p. 0868 | Kerkar, Vijaya; Iyer, S. D.

Protein polymorphism in muscle myogens of Heteropneustes fossilis
p. 0870 | Pandey, Rakesh B.; Hasnain, Absar Ul

Book Reviews
Advances in Materials and their Applications
p. 0872 | Sundaram, C. V.

The C-DOT Story
p. 0874 | Mahabala, H. N.

Textbook of Modern Biochemistry (Volume 1)
p. 0875 | Ramasarma, T.

Ghani-The Traditional Oil Mill of India
p. 0876 | Menon, K. K. G.

Personal News
Barbara McClintock (June 16, 1902-September 2, 1992)
p. 0877 | Fedoroff, Nina V.

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