Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 67 - Issue 04: 25 Aug, 1994
Special Section
p. 0219

Pancharatnam, virtuoso of the Poincare sphere: an appreciation
p. 0220 | Berry, Michael

Geometric phase in interference experiments
p. 0224 | Bhandari, Rajendra

Optics of absorbing anisotropic media
p. 0231 | Ranganath, G. S.

Pancharatnam's route to the geometric phase
p. 0238 | Nityananda, Rajaram

Pancharatnam achromatic retarders--some recent improvements and their applications to astronomy
p. 0245 | Tapia, S.

Photopolarimetric investigations--Role of Pancharatnam retarder
p. 0251 | Joshi, U. C.; Deshpande, M. R.

Application of the Poincare sphere to radio astronomy
p. 0255 | Radhakrishnan, V.

Pancharatnam in Mysore
p. 0259 | Madhusudana, N. V.

Pancharatnam--Some reminiscences
p. 0262 | Viswanathan, K. S.

Pancharatnam in Oxford (1964-1969): Coherences and the propagation of light through atomic vapours
p. 0265 | Series, G. W.

Stepwise fluorescence due to level crossings--A collaboration with S. Pancharatnam
p. 0270 | Kibble, B. P.

On Pancharatnam's quantum theory of dispersion
p. 0272 | Pegg, D. T.

Atom matter wave interferometry and the measurement of phase shifts
p. 0276 | Hannaford, P.

Optical pumping, light shifts and laser cooling
p. 0282 | Cohen-tannoudji, Claude

Modulated birefringence
p. 0285 | Pancharatnam, S.

Review Articles
Collected Works of S. Pancharatnam
p. 0288 | Agarwal, G. S.

Extracts from foreword to the collected works of S. Pancharatnam by Prof George W Series
p. 0290 | Pancharatnam, S.

The contributors
p. 0293

Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON)
p. 0295

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