Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 68 - Issue 01: 10 Jan, 1995
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In this issue
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The proposal for a National Science University-some comments
p. 0006 | Srinivasan, S. K.; Rao, K. Jayaraj; Thaigarajan, P. S.; Murthy, T. K. S.; Jayakrishnan, A.

NSU-Another EI Dorado?
p. 0010 | Narayanan, P.

Role of National Labs in post-graduate science education
p. 0012 | Roy, D. P.

Ship-building at Bombay
p. 0013 | Udgaonkar, B. M.

George A. Olah, A superchemist who bestowed long life to fleeting carbocationic intermediates in superacids
p. 0014 | Prakash, G. K. Surya

G proteins--Critical control points in cellular signal transduction
p. 0020 | Visweswariah, Sandhya S.

Indian Academy at crossroads
p. 0023 | Arunachalam, Subbiah

Career of women scientists
p. 0024 | Sharma, Shobhona

Mahabaleshwar seminar on molecular biology of plant viruses
p. 0026 | Savithri, H. S.; Johri, M. M.

Central Research University for Science and Technology (CRUST) --A proposal
p. 0029 | Anantharaman, T. R.

Science communication--A proposal for action
p. 0030 | Balasubramanian, D.

Scientific Correspondence
Stereochemistry of Azadirachtins--H and I
p. 0031 | Govindachari, T. R.; Gopalakrishnan, Geetha

General Articles
Turbulence: Waves or events?
p. 0033 | Narasimha, R.

Rydberg atoms and molecules--Testing grounds for quantum manifestations of chaos
p. 0038 | Lakshmanan, M.; Ganesan, K.

Review Articles
Cancer of the uterine cervix: Integration of molecular evaluation into management strategy and the cocept of biological staging
p. 0045 | Lakshmi, S.; Pillai, M. Radhakrishna; Nair, S. Asha; Jayaprakash, P. G.; Nair, M. Krishnan

Research Articles
The continuity puzzle
p. 0053 | Narasimhan, R.

The quantum measurement problem: Nature of the apparatus
p. 0062 | Venugopalan, Anu; Kumar, Deepak; Ghosh, R.

Even nucleic acids with 2', 5'-linkages facilitate duplexes and structural polymorphism: Prospects of 2', 5'- oligonucleotides as antigene/antisense tool in gene regulation
p. 0068 | Lalitha, V.; Yathindra, N.

Graphical analysis of DNA sequence structure: II. Relative abundances of nucleotides in DNAs, gene evolution and duplication
p. 0075 | Nandy, A.; Nandy, P.

Research Communications
Two interesting cases of continued mating in monogenic and digenic systems
p. 0086 | Arunachalam, V.

Discovery of the ectoparasitic mite Tropilaelaps koenigerum Delfinado-Baker and Baker (Acari : Laelapidae) on Apis dorsata F., A. Mellifera L. and A. Cerana F., in Jammu and Kashmir, India
p. 0090 | Abrol, D. P.; Putatunda, B. N.

Vaccination of hamsters with Mycobacterium habana against Leishmania donovani infection
p. 0090 | Zehra, Kaneez; Katiyar, J. C.; Gupta, H. P.; Singh, N. B.; Anuradha

Personal News
Bangalore Puttaiya Radhakrishna
p. 0094 | Subbarao, K. V.

Professor William Dixon West (1901-1994)
p. 0098 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

Some recent advances in Indian geology
p. 0100 | West, W. D.

Book Reviews
World Development Report 1994--Infrastructure for development
p. 0108 | Amnachalam, Subbiah

Geology of Karnataka
p. 0109 | Ramakrishnan, M.

Historical Notes
The dilemma of a fame-hunter
p. 0110 | Gupta, S. P. K.

The Great Bengal cyclone of 1737--An enquiry into the legend
p. 0114 | Sensarma, S. K.

Indian Institute of Science - INVITES applications for Senior Officer
p. 0118

Indian Institute of Science - FACULTY POSITIONS at the level of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
p. 0119

Physical Research Laboratory
p. 0120

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