Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 68 - Issue 04: 25 Feb, 1995
Special Section: Reproductive Biology (Guest Editor: T. C. Anand Kumar)
p. 0351

Standardized procedures in human semen analysis
p. 0353 | Gopalkrishnan, Kamala

Implantation of the primate embryo
p. 0363 | Sengupta, Jayasree; De, Pradip; Ghosh, Debabrata

Secretion of endocrine signals by the primate embryo during the peri-implantation period
p. 0373 | Seshagiri, P. B.; Hearn, J. P.

Medically assisted reproductive technologies--A clinical perspective
p. 0379 | Pandiyan, N.

Social and ethical issues in medically assisted reproductive technologies
p. 0382 | Kalyan, Biraj; Kumar, T. C. Anand

Does a period of amenorrhoea raise subsequent chances of implantation in women?
p. 0386 | Edwards, R. G.; Marcus, S. F.

Stress and reproduction: The role of peptides and other chemical messengers in the brain
p. 0391 | Herbert, J.

Preimplantation diagnosis of human genetic disorders
p. 0401 | Mehta, Rajiv H.

Reproductive health, population dynamics and contraception
p. 0405 | Kumar, T. C. Anand

Antiprogestins: Useful investigative tools and novel contraceptives
p. 0407 | Puri, Chander P.

Contraceptive vaccines
p. 0423 | Giri, D. K.; Talwar, G. P.

New leads in contraception and innovations in existing contraceptive methods
p. 0434 | Croxatto, Horacio B.

Praneem polyherbal cream and pessaries with dual properties of contraception and alleviation of genital infections
p. 0437 | Talwar, G. P.; Dhar, V.; Chabra, R.; Ganju, A.; Upadhyay, S. N.; Garg, S.

Zona pellucida as a target for immunocontraception
p. 0440 | Afzalpurkar, Abhijit; Kolluri, Siva Kumar; Kaul, Renuka; Bagavant, Harini; Gupta, Manju; Gupta, S. K.

Osteoporosis: Causes and consequences
p. 0446 | Wita, Brinda

Effect of administration of luteinizing hormone (LH) and deprival of LH on the proteins of smooth endoplasmic reticulum of immature and adult rat Leydig cells
p. 0451 | Venkatesh, R.; Rao, A. Jagannadha

Use of androgens for contraception in men
p. 0456 | Reddy, P. R. K.

Pharmacology of antiandrogens and their clinical application
p. 0456 | Elger, Walter

Some thoughts on development of chemically based male contraceptives
p. 0470 | Moudgal, N. R.; Suresh, R.

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